Bedroom Revamp | Dresser Trash to Treasure

It’s that time of year again where I start sprucing up my office, bedroom, or some other place in my home. My bedroom especially is one place that needs to, at all times, be top notch. It’s where you sleep and you don’t want to sleep in a mess. Sleeping in a mess can easily throw off your mood. I also need it to be functional. In other words, I need easy access to everything. It’s ok to tuck some things away, but for the most part, I need everything at my finger tips.

I shared in my Declutter 101 series my dresser declutter. I tossed/donated everything from lotions, body wash, body sprays, jewelry, and travel bags. The dresser that I and was once my sister had purchased from Walmart and being that she never put it together and didn’t want to, I took it for myself.

It’s been holding up for quite some time, but again it’s from Walmart so the drawers are a seamless open and close. After a while, the bottom drawer wouldn’t stay on track and then the one on top of that fall apart as well. I needed the drawer and I can’t afford to just go and buy a new one. Out of the five drawers, three still work and the top of the dresser is fine, so why not improvise.


I took apart the two bottom drawers leaving three. The top drawer holds my jewelry and facial cleansers. The middle has all of my lotions and sprays. The third drawer has my candles and nail polish.


As for the top of my dresser, I took away the “makeup” simply because I didn’t wear it. I left my lipstick organizer, my products I use on a daily basis and my most reached for jewelry.

When you declutter, sometimes you have to go back and do it again. As I was fixing my dresser to make the bottom functional, I went through all the drawers and assessed what I had. I had a lot of reorganization that I needed to do simply because life happens and things get messy.


Now for the bottom, the revamp of the whole project, and what turned this dresser from trash to treasure. I bought two bins from Dollar Tree. One was to hold all of my hair products and the other had a blanket yet I ended up adding my heating pad.

I had a bin on another side of my room that had scarves and a beautifully printed floral box I had purchased years ago from Target that had junk. I assessed the “junk” and I put my clutches/smaller handbags inside. I don’t reach for these items all the time so stacking the two bins wasn’t a problem. Plus it’s just two bins so moving them really isn’t a problem.

Overall, I love the new look for my dresser. I could have broke down the whole dresser and have just been done with it, but I made it work for me. I took the time to do it. Sometimes, that extra 10-15 minutes a day to clean up your room or whatever makes all the difference.

Be sure to click the link below if you’re interested in purchasing the dresser and any other storage I have.

Ready to declutter? Click HERE to get started!

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