Plan With Me | June 6th-12th

Hello everyone! Let’s get back into the swing of things. Ever have a week with a mile long to do list and deadlines all the same time? Well, that’s been mine and I’ve been slow in getting this plan with me up. My typical schedule is Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday, but for this week, expect a double post today and a double post on Sunday. The regular schedule will resume this Monday, June 13th. Be sure to click links throughout the post for direct links / related posts.

I decided to create a spread using left over stickers in my sticker stash which seems to be my usual. I also used a Darice sticker book, ‘Poolside Pops.’ Putting this spread together took no time at all and I really enjoy starting with a semi blank canvas and building.

I love using sticker books as a basis for spreads. They’re only $1, yet in some places the price has been hiked to $1.50. Still in all, they easily add pops of color and create instant themes. The ‘Poolside Pops’ sticker book was a beachy theme, but there was also drums and guitars which worked perfectly for this week since my job was having graduation. FYI: I’m a Childcare Assistant.

I used the Dollar Tree fashion duct tape and it could not be a more perfect match with this sticker book. In fact, the tape is what inspired me to use the sticker book. I initially was going to put all my ‘little things’ at the top which I’ve done before, but I really like spreading them out. Where it’s To Do / Today / Little Things, the headers don’t matter to me since my checklist is always my top 3 for the day. If there’s anything else going on I’ll add it throughout.

The spread may not look like much, but it fills up fast. I really love layering stickers and I have no problem moving stickers around if I don’t like how it looks. With the stickers being larger, I placed them as evenly as I could throughout the two pages. If there were smaller stickers, I would have definitely added more here and there.

Also, when planning, be sure to find a style that works for you. It’s great to be inspired by other planners, but you don’t have to mimic how they plan. Use it as inspiration to do your own thing. That’s what makes planning different. There may be similarities, but everyone has their own touch.

Be sure to click the links below for stickers/washi used:

Want more PLANNERspiration?  Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series. Enjoy!

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