May Recap | Happy Planner | 2015 v. 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another planner recap here on my blog. This recap is going to be a little different as I’m going to be sharing my weekly spreads from 2015 as well. I think it’ll be fun to compare and contrast my planner style from then and now. It’s also a different element from my typical planner recaps. As always, be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post. Links to stickers used will be below as well.

May | This Month Currently


I used the extension pack last year for both May and June since the planner didn’t start until July. There was a ‘This Month’ page that had: birthdays, goals, special events, important dates, and don’t forget. I filled in bits and pieces, but no decorating.

One key change from this page, I’m actually decorating it. I’ve noted in previous posts that I like to use this page as a scrapbook page to track my monthly favorites. I love decorating it and sharing it with you all.

May Monthly


I took a different approach this month as my April was pretty bland. I don’t like to crowd my monthly spread, but it’s nice to go back and fill in anything important that happened. This month I highlighted Teacher Appreciation Day, a field trip, and car info.


Color coding has remained consistent in my monthly planning. If there’s something going on that month such as an event or an important reminder, I’ll put that in one color. All my bills will be in another. I did the same thing when planning in May of 2015. Holidays were in pink, bills in green, important dates in yellow and any babysitting in orange. This time around my bills are in yellow and orange while my important dates were written on label stickers.

May 2nd – 8th


In this spread I use the gold foil pineapple washi tape that I once despised. I gave it a second chance and I love how this spread came together. For this particular week I put my blog posts in the sidebar and I used a Target pineapple list pad with some Dollar Tree sticker dots to create a to-do list for the weekend. It’s interesting looking at my spread from last year to this year. I used the same washi tape throughout the entire month while in this one, especially since I have more of a variety, I switched it up.


Compared to last year, I still have my spread separated into three sections. Last year I had three distinct sections: blog, school, and personal. Now I just put my to-do’s at the top, in the middle I put my TV shows and any appointments. Then on the bottom I track my blog posts.

May 9th-15th


I used the Darice sticker book, Picnic in the Park, for this spread since I was going to the zoo. I also had a left over school bus sticker from a kit from Happy Doodle Stickers so it worked perfectly. I didn’t use any washi this week and all other stickers were left over from previous kits from JuJuAllOver and Sticky Essentials. I used my sidebar to mark my social media, babysitting I was doing for the week, and my homework.


Last year I had long ‘to do’ and ‘to pay’ lists that I created using labels from Dollar Tree. I also had added songs I like. I prefer to put my homework in the sidebar as it takes up a lot of space in my weekly spread. It’s easier to see what I need to get done and check off once complete.

May 16th-22nd


I took washi tape from Dollar Tree and based my spread off the colors: grey, yellow, and added some black. My three blocks stayed the same and when I first created this spread I didn’t like it. Be sure to give yourself time to build a spread. Stickers were leftovers I had in my sticker stash. Nothing major.


The spread I created last year was the first time I created a theme in my planner. I used the Darice sticker book, , and kept to my typical three sections. My sidebar had ‘to do’ and ‘to pay’ lists which I really didn’t use. Some boxes were left empty which I don’t lim to do anymore. I’ll try to fill something in or put a sticker. I don’t need complete ‘no white space,’ but I’m not a fan of completely empty boxes.

May 23rd-29th


This spread was inspired by Ruby Trev’s ‘Plan As I Go’ series. I used a kit from JuJuAllOver and I really love how it turned out. I would say that in using a kit in this style again that I will cut the full boxes into half boxes. Then again I can just purchase a kit with half boxes instead of full ones. I took use of the washi sheet and used it to mark my blog posts and layer with other stickers. Again the full boxes could’ve been maximized by cutting them in half. Overall, I love the spread. It’s pretty busy, but it works. As for my sidebar, I made a running to do list plus a list of what I need to read for my classes. The habit tracker was a part of the kit.


Last year I had a nautical theme, or so I thought. I could’ve done without the extra large cupcake and candles. The sections were still the same. I didn’t have an Etsy stickers at the time so I used letters that I had from Michaels to write Memorial Day and make an impromptu weekend banner. Nothing major, but still a cute spread.

All links to stickers / washi tape used throughout all spreads are linked below. New to planning? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series.

Be sure to click the links to find stickers used throughout all the spreads shown. New to planning? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series.


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