Plan With Me | June Monthly

Well, hello June. May is basically over and I wanted to share my June Monthly spread with you all. As always, be sure to click the highlighted links for related posts and links to stickers/washi used.

Similar to what I’ve been doing since March, I’ve been marking off my bills with bolder stickers opposed to using smaller ones and writing them in as I did in February. I ran out of the Target neon labels that I had so I went back to using the Michaels Recollections removable calendar large dots. I definitely need to restock on both. They’re both inexpensive.

I decided to use the Scotch Expression tape I got on clearance from Michaels. It was easy to use, easy to move around and I could cut it just like I would washi. I would say that it was harder to pick up when I wanted to straighten it out and it did stain a little bit. Still in all not that bad. Something different.

I used the large green dots to mark my hills similar to how I did in May except those were orange. When writing on these stickers I wouldn’t recommend the Papermate Flair pens as they smudge. A permanent marker works better.

The pink stickers were larger ones from the Recollections sticker pack cut in half. I used those to mark events. The reason for me changing my monthly style was to keep events in the sidebar, but so much is going on that I decided to switch it up. I also love how xoMamaPlans likes to put something on every single day. I’m gonna give it another go.

The sidebar has a running list for the month and I put a list of movies I’d like to see this month as well.

As far as deco stickers, I added the foil owls I purchased last year from Hobby Lobby to mark my sister and brothers graduations. The washi was to cover the blank boxes and I didn’t love the look of it plain so I added some owls from the Darice sticker book, Wise University.

How do you use your monthly spread? Be sure to check out my full ‘Planning For Beginners’ series HERE.

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