Dollar Tree Haul | Planner Overload

In the past week I’ve been to four Dollar Trees so I guess it’s safe to say I’m addicted. They’re literally everywhere. There’s two within 15 minutes from my house on opposite sides of town. There’s one on my way home from work and by my favorite grocery store. It’s kind of hard not to go in there when everything is $1. Yes, $1. No schemes like the Target One Spot which has upped a lot of their prices to the $3 range, but Dollar Tree is ‘Everything $1.’ Be sure to click the links below

Enough rambling about why I love the store so much, let’s get into the haul. I went in looking for stickers and after 3 locations, I hadn’t found what I wanted. I did pick up a few odds and ends here and there. When I went to the fourth location I was able to hit the jackpot. I have everything from gift bags to folders, new tapes, and of course, stickers.



I had never purchased gift bags from Dollar Tree simply because I didn’t need them. After watching YouTubers, CheapCraftyGirl and CouponToProvide, I knew I could use them to make covers for my planner. I even made a cover from a Target gift bag. $1 is a great price for something you plan on giving away. I found a football one which I’ll be turning into a cover for football season and these super cute donut, ice pop, and ice cream sundae ones. Lastly is a floral one that I should’ve bought two of because I’m obsessed with floral. Aside from the gift bags, I also purchased two folders which I plan on turning into covers and making dashboards. Stay tuned for that.

Dollar Tree is also providing a lot of name brand products. I found Polaroid Premium White Mailing Labels. To get 240 labels for $1, that’s a steal since they’re $4.25 on Amazon. I also saw that they came in a circle version as well, but I couldn’t find any.


Next up are the fashion duct tapes. I absolutely love them. I had to go get another one of the. I’m going to carefully try to incorporate these into a planner spread. These can be stuck to the labels that I purchased and then used so that they’ll be easier to reposition. If you have regular sticker paper, you can do the same thing. I also got the new designs of washi tapes. I didn’t mean to get two of the cupcake ones, but I did. Check out my washi/decorative tape collection HERE. An updated one is coming soon.


I purchased a few random items that aren’t planner related, but I will be featuring them in future posts. I love Chicken Soup for the Soul and Dollar Tree has an amazing selection of books. Some locations have more of a variety than others, but who wouldn’t want a $20 book for $1? The full book retails for $10. I picked up an Inside Out  ‘Play Pack, Grab and Go’ for the stickers. Expect a planner spread coming soon. The coloring book and crayons I’ll end up giving to my nephews. The pens and sticker dots are for a giveaway and I love the arrow paper clips. Amazing quality!

Lastly are the bins. Dollar Tree has the Jot brand and Essentials. These bins are pretty decent for the price point. I’m using them in my new dresser system that I had to revamp (post coming soon on updates). They also come in a wider flatter size. Every location is different. Be sure to search the store because not everything is where you would expect it to be.


Lastly are the Jot brand stickers that everyone on YouTube that’s into crafting of any sort has been raving about. This is why I had to go to four different locations because I was looking for THESE. I got four designs and I just decided to get one of each. These will be perfect in my This Month Currently section. I should’ve bought two, but I held back.

What was your favorite item from the haul? Ready to start planning or want more plannerspiration? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginner series.

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