Plan With Me | May 23rd-29th | JuJuAllOver

Welcome to another edition of plan with me here on the blog. I said before in previous posts that I was taking a break from planning as it was becoming more of a chore. I wasn’t happy constantly filming more so because of the repetition, but I’ve been inspired by the YouTuber, Ruby Trev, to create more spreads. As always be sure to click the links below for related posts and links to stickers/washi used.

Looking at vertical planners, such as the Happy Planner and the Erin Condren Life Planner, they are broken into three segments Morning/Day/Night or Morning/Afternoon/Evening. When looking at the way that Etsy sticker kits are set up, they have to-do/today/and little things. That’s the sections that are typically created to cover what the planner provided.

When I started using my Happy Planner in May of last year, I had separated my sections into Blog/School/Personal. I kept it that way even as my sticker stash increased and I purchased more kits. When I bought kits I switched up the format, but it was still three separate blocks.

I love getting “plannerspiration” from other planners and while I still planned, it was hard to present fun layouts when everything was always the same. Those three blocks put a limit in a way on my creativity. Coming across RubyTrev’s ‘Plan As You Go’ really inspired this spread and challenged me to step out of my typical “3 box” design.

I used the JuJuAllOver, Pastel & Beyond kit. Instead of putting the boxes all in the middle or mix and matching them between the middle and the bottom, I placed them variously throughout the layout. I also didn’t stick to putting my to do’s all at the top and I placed them sporadically as well. While my TV shows are usually in the middle section, I put them at the bottom.

As for my sidebar, I used one of the full boxes to cover the calendar and I layered a Me & My Big Ideas quote sticker on top. I have a ‘Reminder’ running list for the week and a habit tracker to stay on track with social media. I also went back and added a reading list of what I need to cover this week for classes.

I could’ve used half boxes with this spread, but I didn’t buy those. So I took the washi strips and used them to mark my blog posts for the week along with other odds and ends. The full boxes will have my top event of the day or an important reminder. I just love, love, LOVE how this spread turned out. Be sure to click links the links below!

What’s your planner & how do you set it up? Be sure to check out my full Planning for Beginner series HERE.

5 thoughts on “Plan With Me | May 23rd-29th | JuJuAllOver

  1. It’s always fun to see how other people approach their planners – thanks for your inspiration! 🙂

  2. ❤ all of the watercolor stickers!!! I'm a planner addict too!!!! ❤ watching other layouts! Following! Check out my most recent planner layouts on my page! I just uploaded all of my favorite layouts from May 🙂

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