Motivational Monday |Passion VS. What’s Trending

It’s very easy as a blogger to lose sight of why you began blogging in the first place. Typically you begin blogging to share what you love or to fill a void of what you think is missing in the blogosphere. Regardless of why you began, as a beginner blogger, you have that fire for your content. You’re passionate about what you write about and it reads through your work.

I began blogging back in 2010 on Tumblr about music, hence why my blog was titled Music Moving Forward. I didn’t like the current state of the music industry and I was creating pieces that included track, video, album and award show reviews to giving my commentary on certain lyrics and other celebrity news.

It came to a point where I was struggling to keep up with the headlines as my focus turned to finishing undergrad versus getting as much traffic to my blog as I could. Even when I moved from Tumblr to WordPress post-graduation, I still felt stuck. I tried to add new content aside from the typical reviews I had done to adding a ‘Then and Now Thursday’ to show the evolution of artists, going more in depth with my reviews solely based off projects I loved, and creating monthly favorites.

After a while, I just wasn’t that into it anymore. As you grow and evolve as a person, your interests are bound to change. I started getting into fashion and beauty a little more and I wanted to share that. That’s when my ‘Fashion Forward Friday‘ series was created. I also tried to incorporate a Wellness Wednesday segment as well, but that was just lacking on my end as I wasn’t consistent. Still, I got tired of that as well. I blame a little bit of that on my indecisiveness, but I just didn’t have a spark for it. While I liked it, I didn’t love it. I was forcing myself into this realm that just wasn’t me. I was looking more so for traffic opposed to providing content that really spoke to me.

I ended up changing my blog name from Music Moving Forward to Chaotic Critic. Chaotic Critic is still in the process of developing as a brand, but this quote really speaks volumes to me:

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

My initial premise for Chaotic Critic was to speak freely about various topics whether it be my love for planning which has grown to another level, or some type of celeb news. I also wanted to keep incorporating fashion and beauty and even expand into DIYs and what not. It all boils down to it being too much. When you can’t explain what your blog is, that’s a problem. There can be a variety of content, but what is it?

I love planning. I love creating. I love starting a project, walking away, and then eventually finishing it. I love sharing personal experiences and hurdles that I have overcome in hopes of helping someone else. I’d love to sit here and talk about Beyonce’s Lemonade or even the Kardashian saga. I’ve done that in the past. Going forward, I would really like to dwell on what I love opposed to sharing my dislike for something just for views and likes.

Do I care that much what people think about my blog to the point where I want to create content just for views? Of course I want viewers, but I can gain an audience sharing what I love opposed to sticking to what trends for a pop.

Whether you’re a new blogger or a seasoned blogger, let your work speak for itself. Your passion reads through what you write. A reader can tell whether you’re into what you’re writing or if you just jumped on a bandwagon. Writing is a craft that everyone seems to do now. Some for all the wrong reasons. I want to continue to create content that I love and I know my audience will grow from there.

Creating content that I love will allow my audience to grow. Then and only then will I understand the true purpose of my passion. Celebrities and other “hot topics” have really overloaded blogs. There’s enough out there that talk about celebrities. Like one day they’re dragging their name then the next praising an outfit they wore on the red carpet. It’s so redundant.

As a blogger you want to share how you feel, but do it in proportion. If it’s what you love and that’s why you started blogging fine. Just don’t stray too much away from why you started for views. Look beyond that and create what you genuinely love, not what every otter blogger loves.


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