“Views From The 6” | Vision Board

I’ve been wanting to create a vision board for quite some time. I have seen a lot of vision boards on Pinterest and Instagram, but I wanted to divide mine into sections. I also didn’t want it to be a collage of pictures. Instead, it was specific goals that I want to accomplish by the end of 2016. And yes it’s titled, “Views From the 6.” Thanks Drake!


The vision board was created using an old frame I had. The frame had different colored card stock and it really just served as a memory board. I had glued clothes pins around the frame to hold pictures. It just didn’t fit the vision I have in mind for my office revamp and it was just taking up space. I also had a recent In Style magazine that I wanted to incorporate since I had in mind the typical vision board design and I thought I could pull phrases that inspired me.


I ended up going through my craft stash and pulling some stickers, scrapbook paper, and washi tape to create my design. I replaced the card stock that was initially in the frame with a  piece of paper from the Me & My Big Ideas Paper Sheets. I also decided to use washi tape versus regular scotch tape because I knew it’d peel up easily if I wanted to change anything down the line.

While a lot on my vision board is what I’d like to accomplish by the end of the Summer, I added some aspects that were permanent and that would be long-term goals opposed to short-term. I divided my vision board into the following sections.

  • Worship
  • Blogging
  • Work Out
  • Financial Freedom
  • Read
  • Office Revamp
  • Grad School


Worship is definitely at the top of my list. Nothing would be possible in my life without God and I have no problems sharing that here on the blog. I want to do daily devotions as well as tithing more so those are at the top of my vision board as a constant reminder.

As for blogging, there’s so much I want to accomplish. The biggest would be a revamp in the blog design as well as collaborating with other bloggers and hosting giveaways. I want to remain consistent with my blogging so I’m staying set on a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Posts. Aside from the design and giving back to my fellow readers, I also want to create printables for you all to include in your personal size planners. My biggest goal is a printable Editorial Planner. Again, COMING SOON!


The second half working out and financial freedom which I need to get in order. I am not constant at all with working out and I’ve even shared my journey, well somewhat of a journey. not really. I want to increase my cardio, incorporate some strength training, and ultimately participate in my first Lung Cancer run this fall. As for my Financial Freedom I want to save more and eventually treat myself. Aside from the gifts I have in mind for myself, I really want to save so I can take my brand to the next level.

I can’t wait to revamp my office and I definitely want a new desk and all DIY decor will be shared on the blog. I wanted to read a book a month and that was one of my goals at the top of 2016. It’s May, and I’ve only read one book, The Power Playbook (La La Anthony). Lastly I will have my MBA in Marketing by the end of the Summer and I can’t wait to check that off my list. Let the race for my PhD begin.

I decided to title it “Views From the 6” simply because it’s 2016. It’s catchy and it’s my overview of the year. As for the clothes pins that are around, I didn’t want to add pictures so I added journaling cards that can stay or that I’ll use in my planner.

It was fun creating this. I like to get crafty on the weekends and this was just what I needed. Is it everyones cup of tea? Of course not. Some may prefer the collage look, but I wanted to keep my goals specific. I wanted to list out what I’d like to accomplish. A vision board does not have to be an overload of pictures you find in magazine that symbolize what you want. I wrote out my vision for the remainder of 2016 that will carry into 2017 and beyond. Get creative and do your own thing. Make your vision board a symbol of you and your style.

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