Plan with Me | May Monthly + May 2nd – 8th

Welcome to another plan with me here on the blog. In this plan with me I combined my May monthly spread with the first week in May. I kept it pretty simple . As always, click the highlighted links throughout the post. Check out my recent PLANdemonium below:


I had a lot of fun creating this spread. I ran out of the Target Up & Up neon folder labels that I had used in February and March to mark my bills. I also didn’t want to put my events of the month in the sidebar. As for the sidebar, I had left over scrapbook paper I used for my divider and it fit perfectly in the space. I added a MAMBI quote sticker and voila. I used label stickers from Michaels to mark on my friends graduation dinner, WWE’s Extreme Rules, and my brother’s prom + birthday. To mark my bills I went back to the Michaels removable calendar stickers and used colors that worked with color scheme I created on a whim. I’ve been loving Michaels’ Color Splash washi and to fill in the empty boxes I used the thicker roll of the set.


For the weekly spread I wanted to play around with the gold pineapple washi I had. I and purchased two rolls sometime last year and ended up giving one away in a swap because i didn’t like it. I had used it in a previous spread, but I when I found a pineapple list pad at Target, I wanted to incorporate it again. I channeled xoMamaPlans as she switches up how she lays out her washi. I usually just layout out my washi one way so the pineapple would me on one row and the polk a dot on another. I switched it up and I really like how it turned out.

I used the rest of the Sticky Essentials March kit and used the headers and checklist. I had cut the checklist in half in previous spreads and I just alternated between what I had left.Some have the page flag ends while others don’t.  I didn’t put my blog posts on the bottom of each day like I usually do, instead I put them in the sidebar. I used MAMBI stickers for those and the scrapbook paper is the same I used in the sidebar in my Monthly view.

I really love how this spread turned out and it’ll build throughout the week. Be sure to check out my Instagram, @ChaoticCritic, to see how it turns out. Stickers / washi used below.


8 thoughts on “Plan with Me | May Monthly + May 2nd – 8th

      1. I’ve only been planning for about a year so all of this is fairly new to me. But this way seems so customizable and inexpensive so I’m ready to try it like right now! 🙂

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