DIY Planner Dashboard | NFL Schedule

I’m so happy to be sharing this DIY with you all. The NFL released the 2016-2017 schedule on April 14th and I couldn’t wait until the fall to create a schedule dashboard in my planner. Be sure to click all highlighted links throughout the post

I created a dashboard last year , but I had printed it from online and added stickers from RorysSweetAddictions. Nothing really custom. I had glued it to scrapbook paper, but moving it throughout the planner it just didn’t stay in by the end of the season so I knew I need something sturdier. I also wanted something more custom.


I decided to use the dividers I had purchased when I first discovered the disc bound system at Staples two years ago (click HERE my Staples Arc System review). It was sturdy enough and already hole punched. I had purchased scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby a couple months ago and I used it to cover both sides of the divider.

I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to lay out the games and I knew I could try to fit the entire season on one side and then the pre-season on the back, but I also didn’t want it to be too crammed. I remembered the printable I had from HunnyBitDesigns and I decided to play around with it. The kit included full boxes,  page flags, and hearts.

The printable had been printed out on sticker paper so it’d be easy to apply. You can print it on regular paper and use glue with no problem. I placed some page flags at the top, wrote in the schedule, and then spaced the boxes by rows of 3. There’s 9 on the front and 8 on the back. I had die cut circles from a previous Etsy order (shop no longer open, alternative below). I then placed those at the top and then wrote in the opponent and whether the game was home or away.

This dashboard was really easy to make and I could not be happier with it. I created a dashboard of planner goodies last month (click HERE for that), but I could’t pass up creating one for the football season especially since I didn’t share my process from last year.



Want to recreate the look with your team? Click the links below:

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