April Planner Recap

Welcome to another post here on my channel. I apologize for the delay with this post, but it’s here, it’s here, it’s HERE! I love sharing my monthly planner recap to share my tips and tricks in planning along with what works for me and what doesn’t. As always, be sure to click highlighted links throughout the post and check out my previous recaps below:

My favorite part of planning this month was diving into my sticker stash and using up stickers I had from the Sticky Essentials March kit. I’ve been loving green in my planner and it’s a color scheme that will continue throughout the rest of the year.

April ‘This Month Currently’ + Divider + Monthly Spread


I love decorating the ‘This Month Currently’ section of my planner. I use it primarily to track my music favorites and other events of the month #PlannersNightOut, but you can use it to track you month goals or add snapshot pictures. Don’t let the generic page stray you away from using it. Make the most of it by making it your own. Add washi, stickers, scrapbook paper. I’d recommend using adhesive tape instead of glue so that the paper doesn’t fold. The great thing about the Happy Planner is the flexibility of adding and taking out pages at your leisure. Have fun with the pages and look beyond the typical multi-colored pens.

As my divider, I had purchased a sheet of scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and I used it in my ‘This Month Currently’ plus the sidebar of my monthly spread. I added stickers from Hobby Lobby and a Darice sticker book and that was that. Nothing major. My monthly view was nothing spectacular either. I would love to try out what xoMamaPlans does in her spreads and write something that happened every single day as a month at a glance and then put my bills, birthdays, events in the sidebar. That’s an option for future months.

April 1st – 3rd


I partly shared this spread in my March Recap. It was Wrestlemania week and I used the wrestling stickers I had from Dollar Tree. I used this section as a scrapbook style to track who entered the Hall of Fame, plus the key matches of the night. I also added in a DIY match card which is just a blank list pad sheet. This style is great if you want to track a weekend get away.

April 4th-10th


This week I used a Darice sticker book. I didn’t overload my spread with stickers and I noticed that during the weekend my list gets longer, simply because I have more time. Well, aside from time, I pushed a lot of what I could’ve done after work to the weekend. Whatever. I would’ve like to space out my weekend, but then again it shows when I get a bulk of my work done. The only thing I would’ve added was a sticker over the calendar. I hate the calendar in the corner and I’m so glad I have stickers to last me a while to cover it every week.

April 11th-17th | 15 Minute Challenge | Minion Spread 


I shared a post on this spread since I created a challenge for it. I set my timer to 15 minutes to see how much of a spread I could actually complete. I don’t like to rush when I plan. A lot of my spreads are built throughout the week. I like to leave open space and then add from there. I was able to plan basically everything in the 15 minutes, but having my stickers scattered int he process set me back. Not a decked out minion spread, I know.

April 18th-25th | JuJuAllOver | Dulce Collection


I used a  kit for this week simply because Planner’s Night Out at Michaels was on the 21st. Other than that, I would’ve used stickers from a previous kit. The key difference opposed to other kits I’ve used in my planner was the rearrangement of full boxes. I also love that kits are coming with a washi sheet for the bottom bar and to match the full boxes. Most kits are made for the Erin Condren, but having the washi strips make them easy to work into the Happy Planner. I love how the spread turned out although I would’ve placed my boxes a little differently. These stickers from JuJuAllOver are not removable so once they’re down, they’re down.

April 25th – May 1st


And just like that, April was OVER! There was a lot of changes at work and I needed a daily boost to keep me motivated. I used a printable from Etsy, but you can easily create a printable of motivational quotes on your own. I used them throughout he spread and added the Michaels Color Splash washi here and there. Pretty simple spread.

Quick Tips:

  • Experiment between a completely open spread versus “no white space.” It’s fun to use kits, but leave yourself room to actually USE your planner.
  • Icons, on Icons, on Icons! If you never know where to start with buying stickers, buy multi-colored icon stickers. They’ll work with any spread you want to create.
  • Make use of your stash of list pads from Target / Michaels / Dollar Tree. Use them to create longer lists and hole punch them into your planner or use washi tape. I use them for longer cleaning lists and lately my blog posts for the month. Being that I hole punch mine, I can move it week to week with no problem.
  • Don’t force yourself to make long daily to do lists because that’s how the sticker was made. Cut it if you have to and make it work for you! I prefer a daily top 3 opposed to a longer list that I used to use.

Stickers/Washi Used throughout the month are below:




2 thoughts on “April Planner Recap

  1. Wow, you are sooo good with planning and decorating each week! #goals!! If you are into Washi tapes check out Michaels! I just posted all of the gorgeous new washi tapes they’ve got! I’m obsessed ❤ ❤ Following 🙂

    1. I’m getting back into using washi. I have so many rolls I haven’t used yet #plannerconfession lol. I love the color splash line from Michaels. Thanks for reading!

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