Plan With Me | April ‘This Month Currently’ | Happy Planner

Hello and welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I’m sharing how I decorate the ‘This Month Currently’ page of my Happy Planner for the month of April (as it says in the title). I love decorating this page because I can do whatever I want to it and just have fun.  It’s also a page that I update frequently with my favorites of the month whether it’s a song of adding a movie ticket.


I used a mixture of paper from scrapbook paper to die cuts. The scrapbook paper I used at the top covered the perpetual calendar which I never use and I took die cut letters and spelled out the month. I then took chalkboard which I had in a Valentine’s paper pad and covered the ‘This Month Currently’ section. I have tried to use that section in the past, but it doesn’t really work for me. I added a movie ticket from when I saw Zootopia (which was awesomsauce) and I plan to add other music favorites for the month.


I left the birthday section and important dates to mark my sisters 12th birthday and the important date of the month was the MAMBI Planner’s Night Out at Michaels (click HERE for my recap on that). I took a card I had received in a swap and wrote in some of my music favorites for the month. I also used the Dollar Tree Jot brand dots as bullet points for each song. I plan to add the rest on the section with my movie ticket with stickers. Stay tuned for my April recap to see the  finished result. The stickers were from a Darice sticker book.

This system works for me at this current moment and there’s a lot happening in May and June so I’m not sure if I’ll switch up the layout. I definitely need to keep space for my music favorites. That’s about all that I add there. I have my general monthly favorites, but I really like to add my favorite songs each month.

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