Michaels Planner’s Night Out + Haul

Hello and welcome to the blog. If you’re a new reader, let me introduce myself. My name is Lakia and I’m a planner. Being that I’m a planner a lot of content on Chaotic Critic revolves around organizing all aspects of your life from your surroundings to to how you feel about yourself. Check out the latest HERE and be sure to click all highlighted links throughout the post.

This post is ALL about Michaels collaboration with Me & My Big Ideas, Planner’s Night Out. It took place this past Thursday, April 21st, and it was a chain wide event from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. This is what was to be expected:

This is an informal opening of the classroom and a chance to make new planner friends in your area, exchange ideas, and shop if you want.


The Michaels that I signed up for I had been to before. The layout of the store was not my favorite. While half the store is evenly placed you get to the middle and the isles are hard to maneuver since they’re so close to each other and there’s barely any space between the isles and the center isle. The center isle was always jam-packed with product nearly falling off the shelves.

I signed up for the event with my friend and we got there at 6:30 to see no one was in the classroom. We went looking around for a bit, went back, and the “teacher” was walking into the room with another lady. We went in, sat down, and started talking about the product. It was very informal and at first it was just the four of us. By the end of the two hours two additional people had joined us. Here’s my pros and cons of the event.


  • People actually showed up.
  • Organic conversation. | Every one was really interested in what each person had to say about the planner style and tips moving forward.
  • 30% off Happy Planner Products
  • 20% off coupon | Customer Appreciation Week
  • $5 coupon/$5 purchase


  • Placement of Happy Planner Products. | Some were in the center isle while others were in the back of the store.
  • Not all of the products were in stock.
  • No Planning done. | I would’ve like to do a planner spread and share with the other planners, but the conversation trumped all. Also we weren’t offered any of the Happy Planner stickers, just to use the hole punch if we wanted. What I brought with me?
    • Happy Planner (OF COURSE!) I have the original design ‘Good Things are Going to Happen’
    • washi tape (color splash + floral)
    • Etsy stickers (Darice spectrafile storage)
    • other stickers | Erin condren dots / Happy Planner stickers / Darice stickers
    • everyday pens | Paper Mate Flair

Overall I feel that the event was a success. After reading horror stories on Facebook, some people didn’t even have an instructor, they didn’t receive a coupon, or worst of all no one showed up. Although there was only 6 of us in attendance there was a lot of laughs and great information shared. I even was able to raid one of the girls sticker stashes (hey Lyanne if you’re reading!).


Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without shopping. So I have to share my Customer Appreciation week haul with you all.


First up I bought some containers that are regularly $7.99, but were 40% off. I’m using these to organize my craft closet which I can’t wait to share. I also found the Color Splash washi tape which was 40% off and when adding the 20% off entire purchase coupon I scored the washi and containers for around $10.


On Planner’s Night Out I ended up purchasing two of the Happy Planner sticker books. I wanted to use the $5 purchase of $5 or more so I scored a major deal on these two. The sticker books are typically $4.99 but they were 30% off bringing the price down to $3.49. Once combined and $5 was taken off I ended up paying $1.98 (before tax) for the two sticker books. AWESOME DEAL!


The instructor had given us AC Moore, yes they take those coupons, 55% off one regular priced item coupon. I wanted to use it since it was one day only so I was happy to find that they had the MAMBI expandable paper packs. While they’re $19.99, which I’d never pay full price for, I scored it for $9 with the coupon.


My friend ended up buying the exercise stickers plus two $1 sticker books, ‘Poolside Pop,’ and ‘Picnic,’. With the $5 coupon she only paid 52 cents. Yes, 52 cents on what would’ve been a $7 purchase. She used the 55% off coupon on thin washi.


We decided to go to Michaels after work on Friday to take advantage of the 20% off coupon plus my friend wanted the Fitness extension pack. We found in stock and she ended up using the $5 coupon on the purchase which brought the price down to $1.98. Again, AWEOME DEAL.

We searched the $1.50 / $1.99 sections and came up big. I purchased two sets of Studio G Journal Card& Sticker set. Then we went and searched the other section and came across labels. These labels are by far the best find. We found two of one set and then bought one of each and then split them before parting ways. Each pack came with 4 packs within and in each pack there were 10 sheets. Only problem I have with my transaction was not using the freaking $5 coupon and instead the 20% off one. Awesome finds, but could’ve been a super sweet deal.

To purchase items featured in this haul, click the links below:

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