Plan With Me | April 18th-24th | JuJuAllOver

Welcome to another plan with me here on the blog. As I’ve stated in other posts, I won’t be doing plan with me’s every single week, but planner content can be expected. This week I decided to get “fancy” in my planner with a kit since MAMBI is having a free ‘Planner’s Night Out’ on Thursday the 21st . Check out my 15 minute planner challenge from last week HERE. ALso be sure to click all the highlighted links throughout the post.

I kept it pretty simple using a kit from the Etsy shop JuJuAllOver titled ‘Dulce Collection (haul HERE). Since I’ve been using kits I’ve been trying to use as much of the kit as I can before going into my sticker stash. This kit would’ve been great as a glossy set since it’s a glitter design, but I prefer to write on matte stickers.

I usually put all of my full boxes into the middle section, but I decided to switch it up for this spread. I went up down from the middle to bottom section across the two pages. I really should’ve done down up so that there would’ve been a full box in the middle for Thursday. Still turned out cute. PLANNER TIP: Buy kits that have 8 full boxes.

This kit featured a sheet of mixed headers and extras. (You also have the option of purchasing just the headers or just the headers). I didn’t find much of a need for all the headers and I would’ve preferred them as quarter boxes. They were really thin and which made it difficult to write, plus the blue ones were really and difficult to see what was written. I took the dot stickers I had purchased from Dollar Tree and covered the icons so I could use them to mark my blog posts. Simple fix.

The only thing I would’ve done differently is place the boxes opposite of how I have them and move the blue glitter box to Wednesday to balance with the pink glitter one on Sunday. Yes I like symmetry and I’m a stickler for straight stickers. PLANNER TIP: DON’T OVER THINK!

Links to stickers used are below. To see what I add throughout the week check back for my April recap, but for the latest follow me on Instagram @ChaoticCritic.


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