DIY Happy Planner Dashboard & Cover

Hello my planner lovers and all the other lovely people reading. Whether you’re a new reader or not, I hope that you can take something from my posts. Be sure to click the links below for the latest and all highlighted links throughout the post:

One of my biggest issues with my Happy Planner was always the covers. Before the current MAMBI craze and new products, they had released a pack of 4 covers for $4.99. I purchased them yet they didn’t have matching back covers like the Erin Condren, but I made it work. With their new products they released a 3 pack of covers, front & back, for $7.99. I would recommend buying from either Michaels or Hobby Lobby to use the 40% off coupon. Still in all, I didn’t want to pay $8 for covers I wasn’t in love with so I decided to DIY my own.

I found this gorgeous floral gift bag for $1 in the Target One Spot and I measured it to fit the Happy Planner. I also purchased a pack of the dividers. You could also use file folders for this. It was more of a trial & error especially with me having to manually hole punch. That is one thing I would buy from the new MAMBI line of products. That hole punch is great for all disc bound projects whether it’s more covers, dashboards, or making a sticker book. Again, use a coupon.

I laminated the cover at work, cut the holes myself, and once I got home I straighter everything out with my paper trimmer. I would also like to get the corner rounder so that I wouldn’t have to manually do that. There’s a tool for everything these days. Overall I love how it turned out and for $2 I achieved 2 sets of covers.

I was inspired to create a dashboard after watching CoupontoProvide‘s ‘Planner Binder Set Up.’ The dashboard concept is nothing new to the planner world, but I love this style being that it is enclosed. I don’t have to worry about my goodies on the inside falling out.

The technique I used to create this is best displayed in the video below, but I used file folders I had on hand from the Target One Spot. These file folders were from their watercolor collection. The magnets I used for the closure were from the back of the magnetic list pads and I just trimmed them down. To make them stick I simply used a glue stick.

Inside my Planner it’s about half the page, but it opens up to the width of the planner page. I added my sticky notes and I had fun making pockets using old cellophane bags I had. Whether I got them in an Etsy order or with the Target One Spot goodies, I saved them. I cut them accordingly for this project and voila, a pocket. The top one holds stickers I frequently use with a paper clip. The bottom one has page flags. To easily get those out I glued them a piece of the folder and created a handle to slide in and out.

This goes to show that planning does not have to be expensive and you can reuse what you already have. This is a great way for me to interchange all the Target One Spot goodies I have on a regular basis. Check out my Planning for Beginner series HERE.

My next DIY will be for my monthly layout and adding the Steelers schedule. Stay tuned! Check out CoupontoProvide’s video below:

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