Project Pre-K | “Hello Spring” | 3 DIYs

Welcome to another edition of my “Project Pre-K series. This one is all about Spring projects, which is long overdue, but I though I’d share anyway. For those that are new to the blog, I work at a daycare center with children ages 1-5 with the projects being centered around those 3-5. Below are three DIYs for the project, but click HERE for other installments in this series.

I wanted to create a window that was geared towards Spring and since I hadn’t done projects with the kiddies since Valentine’s Day, I aimed for 3 which I achieved. The first was a kite, then a butterfly, and lastly a flower. The teachers also created flowers with the kids one teacher using a cupcake liner and the other a coffee filter. I decided to stick to construction paper.

The Kite


This was by far the easiest project. I cut a diamond with construction paper of each child’s favorite color and to make it even more special I had them choose their favorite character which I printed out. Most of the kids chose a character from Paw Patrol which is all the craze right now. To make the kite more sturdy I glued an ‘x’ with large popsicle sticks on the back. The kid used dot paint, added the picture plus name, and the strings for the kit on the bottom. Quick, easy, and super cute.

The Flower


This project was all construction paper and some glue. I cut a circle, strips of paper, and a stem. I let the kids choose between 2-3 colors for their flowers. One would be the center color and the petals could be all the same or make a pattern. The kids wrote their name in the middle, or I helped with hand over hand for my 3-year old girls. To make the petals, the strips were glued from one end to the other and then glued to the circle. I also cut the same size circle as the center for the back to secure the petals and the stem. Yet another easy project.

The Butterfly


This is by far my favorite project out of the three. I took a sheet of construction paper, cut it in half, and taped a piece of paper towel over it. The paper towel at the schools is clearly industrial, but I’ve also tried this with a Bounty paper towel at home and it works the same. Take some markers, have the kids color all over, dot on some water with a paint brush, and voila. It instantly turns into a watercolor masterpiece. After letting it dry, I glued on a clothes pin and then sketched the wings. After cutting it out the kids added a face and that’s that.


I absolutely love how the window turned out. If I was doing this on a bulletin board I would have added some clouds and grass for a more complete look. The kids love showing it off to their parents and with 14 students, I mix and matched their names on both windows. I plan on doing one more window for the year after Memorial Day for the end of the year so stay tuned for that.




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