Plan With Me | April 11th-17th | 15 Minute challenge

I decided to challenge myself and see if I could put together a layout in 15 minutes. I decided to use stickers left over from Sticky Essentials and JuJuAllOver plus some Minion stickers. I wanted to do a minion theme, but I don’t care too much for the quality of the printable I had. So I went and used what I had left over from the Sticky Essentials March kit, checklists from JuJuAllOver, and the minion stickers.

I’m a stickler for straight stickers and I will keep pulling them up and moving them around if they’re not straight. Yes, I hate seeing layouts that have crooked stickers, especially headers. Power to those that don’t care, but I sure as hell do.



I was able to get a lot done in the 15 minute mark I made for myself.I laid down the headers and checklists, weekend banner, blog posts, plus my sidebar. After the 15 minutes I had to go in and add for my TV shows for the week plus some minion stickers here and there. The layout is very bare, but I fill in quite a bit during the week.

To mark my TV shows, I was debating on whether to use TV stickers or not. I decided to use the mini Minion stickers that I had and they worked just fine. It also works out since I don’t have a lot of shows this week. For some reason they’re on hiatus (womp womp).

My sidebar layout is pretty staple with my homework to do list and my DIY workout and social media habit trackers. For the weeks I don’t have homework, especially since I’m done with grad school in August, I’ll put a master to do list for the week.

As noted, this layout is very bare, but it’ll fill up throughout the week. Aside from writing things in I’ll probably add a few more stickers. Links to stickers are below:



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