Planning for Beginners: Organization

Welcome to the final edition of my Planning for Beginners series. I hope that I was able to break down the planner world with some tips and tricks for you all and have inspired someone out there to begin planning. If you’ve missed any edition of the series, be sure to click the links  below. Also throughout the post click any highlighted links for related posts or to purchase.

This final edition is all about how to organize all that you’ve accumulated. In my planning process I’ve switched up my organization quite a bit, but I love the system that I have which is stored on the Ikea Raskog. Check out my setup below:

You don’t need a lot of money for your storage and you can re purpose a space you already have. You can use a bookshelf or just keep it all in a bag. This post is all about popular yet efficient systems as a guide to find the system right for you.


As a beginner planner I went out and purchased photo boxes to store my Etsy stickers, my Darice sticker books in a clear shoe box, and the rest were in pencil pouches or Post-It Pockets. The photo boxes didn’t work for my Etsy stickers long because they came in a variety of sizes and I had to keep cutting them to fit. I’ve narrowed my sticker storage to two systems that I love:

  1. Mini Binders with sheet protectors | I use these to store my stickers and each sleeve protector has a different type. I’ve grown to two binders with one having more frequently used stickers and the others seasonal. I purchased both from Target. You don’t to go out and buy a mini binder. If you have an old binder and sheet protectors you’re not using, you can cut them in half and use washi tape to create two pockets. Then separate your stickers however you wish whether by type or store.
  2. Accordion Folder | I love the expandable accordion and I have the Darice Spectrafile similar to the one sold at The Container Store. The great thing about this system is you can use it similar to the binder, but it’s way easier for traveling purposes. I have separated mine by type instead of store. As a beginner, do whatever works for you. Check out my latest sticker organization video below:


The ‘Washi on Washi’ post discussed the types of washi to buy as a beginner because with it being so cheap, you can accumulate a lot fast. I love the Snapware containers to store washi and it’s my sole storage of washi. I have the smaller one, but they do come in larger sizes. I wouldn’t recommend the washi skews that they have because then you have to take off each roll just to get to the one that you want. One of my favorite YouTubers, CoupontoProvide, has an awesome storage system. Check it out below:

Craftsman 12 Inch Tool Tote


This has become quite the hot commodity similar to the Ikea Rakog and as a beginner it’s ideal. The front pouches can hold your pens, if pen hoarding is your thing, or even some washi tape. Also the netted side pouches would be great to put stickers. The inside is where you can get creative with your storage and it fits most planners nicely. You don’t have to go out and get fancy, just reuse cosmetic bags you have on hand for a little more structure. If you want something more uniform, you can use photo boxes which are pretty inexpensive.

Well, that’s all folks. Thanks so much for reading this series and again be sure to click the highlighted links. Happy Planning!

2 thoughts on “Planning for Beginners: Organization

  1. Awesome, I’m just about to start a series similar to this in place of a weekly plan with me so this has given me some tips xx

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