March Planner Recap

Hello planner lovers! For those that are new to the planner world and my blog, hello to you too. This post is all about my March layouts. In the past I have done a plan with me every week, but planning for me does not need to be filmed all the time. That takes away from the therapy it provides for me. Be sure to click all the links highlighted!

March Monthly


This is the first month that I switched up how I laid everything out. Instead of marking each bill that I had with an individual sticker, I used the neon labels from Target’s Up & Up brand. I cut them in half and made a page flags to mark my bills for the month. In the sidebar I kept my chiropractor appointments plus any events for the month. I loved marking off the boxes for the next month with washi. This layout is one I plan to use in future months for sure. Links to stickers below:

March 1st – 6th | Sweet Treat Theme 


I received a freeble donut sticker sheet in my order from StickyEssentials and I knew that I  wanted to incorporate into a spread. While I wanted to solely do a donut theme I decided to mix in some other sweet treat stickers I had. This was the first week that I did a top 3 for the day opposed to a checklist with 5-6 stars/hearts/boxes. In the sidebar I put my homework assignments for the week plus habit trackers to keep track of my social media activity. This layout definitely set the tone for the future spreads. Links to stickers below:

March 7th-13th | Calling all the Monsters


This spread featured monster stickers I purchased from AC Moore. I love their $1 sticker sheets. Again I stuck to the mini checklist and I added some thin washi to fill some spaces. The larger monster stickers definitely helped to fill up boxes. Even though I prefer “white space” over “no white space,” I don’t like a completely empty box. Decorative stickers are great to fill spaces like that. I had a week off from class so while the habit tracker was still there, I created a list of blog posts I wanted to get done. I really need to check things off. I slack off on that on the weekends. Links to stickers below:

March 14th-20th | St. Patrick’s Day Theme


This was one of the spreads I filmed a video for this month since I used a kit from StickyEssentials. I really just wanted to stick to the stickers in the kit. The full boxes I used in the middle and layered stickers on top. Since the boxes were made for the Erin Condren life planner, I used half boxes to fill the box. I added one of the blank headers to mark Palm Sunday and I really love that to mark holidays/special occasions in the weekly spread without taking up a lot of space. I didn’t have any habit trackers on hand so I created one with a blank header and a page flag. Links to stickers below:

March 21st-27th | Easter Theme


I used a the Easter Blessing kit from JuJuAllOver for this spread and it’s a bit busy for me. For the paint stickers, I cut down the backing because they were 3D. It’s to be noted that these stickers are not repositionable. Know where you want to put them before putting them down. Hydrate stickers just aren’t my thing. I used them because they were a part of the kit. Stickers used below:

March 28th-31st | Wrestling Theme 


I’m a wrestling fan and there’s no denying that. I wanted to create a spread for Wrestlemania week with Wrestlemania being this past Sunday, April 3rd. I used wrestling stickers I had purchased from the Dollar Tree. I had to get creative since the roster had changed and the stickers were pretty dated. I stuck to what I had been doing with the mini checklist on top, TV shows in the middle, and blog posts and extras on the bottom. The sidebar had my homework list and my social media tracker that I created with stickers I had on hand. Links to stickers below:

Welp, that’s it for this month. Stay tuned for more plandemonium plus more!

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