Planning for Beginners: Target One Spot

We’re nearing the end of my Planning for Beginners series, but I couldn’t leave out the Target One Spot. Well, it’s been renamed to ‘Bullseye’s Playground,’ but I still call it the One Spot. Check out the previous editions below:

My last edition about printable showed the cheaper and free (when you exclude the cost of ink) side to planning. The Target One Spot features an array of planner goodies that are either $1 or $3. The top three goodies include: sticky notes, list pads, and page flags.

Point Blur_Mar262016_140237

*Sticky Notes | These can be used for pre-planning, marking what you have coming up in a non permanent way. The Target sticky notes are not post-its so be careful when peeling them up because they are thinner and the stickiness is not the best. I have the older and newer sticky notes and the newer ones do peel up easier. They’re super cheap and you can get two in a pack for $1. They also have a few that are a combo with page flags.  I have used sticky notes in a few spreads to mark off a larger list for the weekend. They fit perfectly in the weekend portion of my Happy Planner. Check it out below:



*List Pads | Before I even received my Happy Planner last May, I had begun accumulating list pads from the Target One Spot. Once I got my planner, not only did I buy more, but I wasn’t sure if I’d use them being that my daily To Do’s were now in my planner. I did incorporate them by using them as longer lists for the weekend to not completely clutter my planner. I also used them to mark my favorites for the month. You can also use them to make full boxes in your planner. Below is a layout where I used the list pad to make full boxes.


*Page Flags | These are quite the hot commodity in the planner community and yes people stalk their local Targets to get their hands on these. Similar to the sticky notes, these are ideal for preplanning, but you can also use them as headers. I’ve used them not only as headers, but to track my blog posts, TV shows, and appointments. They do need to be snipped if you want them to fit in the box, but other than that I love them. Below is an example of how I put them to use:

Used as headers & to mark blog posts & TV shows

Target’s One Spot is a great way to experiment with cute stationery. What started out as just pens, sticky notes and list pads has evolved tremendously over the past year. They have even released a planner (horizontal) to fit in the mini binders. You could start planning for under $10 if that’s the style you’re in to.

I love the Target One Spot and I have to control the urge to buy everything I see. From what I have I’m happy with it and I know it’ll be put to use in my planner. Get creative and happy planning!

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