Motivational Monday | Live in the Moment


Let’s start the week off right with a daily dose of motivation. This week is all about taking a step back and living in the moment.

Story time — I went to Pinot’s Palette for wine and painting Friday night. Thankfully I had the day off for Good Friday so I spent the day doing absolutely nothing and it was amazing. Sometimes you just need those days to do nothing. It’s okay every once in a while to lounge around and binge watch a show/YouTube videos, or even curl up with a book.

Getting back to the wine and painting, the experience was amazing. I am no artist. I color every which away instead of going in one fluid motion. I haven’t taken an art class since my sophomore year of high school and I thought that this class would be painting by number. Not the case at all.

It was great to sit down with friends, my Pepsi (since I don’t drink wine), and be device free. I was able to really focus on the art for three hours without taking a picture. I didn’t have the urge to since I was so preoccupied. I was able to really enjoy the moment. Being that it was my first time doing the whole wine & painting it was a great experience.

I’ll never forget when I went to the Maroon 5 concert last March and Adam Levine told everyone to put their phones away during ‘She Will Be Loved’ and enjoy the f*cking moment (his words). This one girl just couldn’t do it and he took her phone, put it on stage, and she didn’t get it back for the rest of the performance. One of the security guards ending up giving it back to her. How can you really enjoy the concert, the music, the atmosphere, if you’re trying to film it? Just so people could know you were there?

If you’re having a date night or you’re out with your friends for dinner, put your phones away and talk to each other. It’s crazy how in this society you can go to a restaurant and everyone is looking on Instagram/Facebook instead of interacting with each other. They have to take a selfie, or a picture of their food/drink. The reasons are endless. Try taking a step back from and living life not by the lens. Save the selfie for the intermission.

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