Happy Easter | 4.27.16


Today I woke up at at 5:17am, yes 5:17 to get ready for the 6:30am Sunrise Service at my church. Why is the time important? Well for one, my phone had died and thankfully my internal clock woke me up. I also had to do my hair which would take some time, but since I had time, I didn’t have to rush.

It’s interesting when it’s time to go to work that I’ll hit snooze at 7:30 in the morning, yet here it is 5:17am and I am eager to wake up and get my day going.

I drove the dark streets to church and I was able to make every single light. I arrived with 10 minutes to spare and said a prayer before getting out. I wanted the sermon to speak to me. I wanted to feel a spark with in and I got just that.

The sermon was titled, “The Resurrection In You.” I’ve been a member of my church my entire life. People know me, my siblings, and my grandmother who is always there. As I’ve gotten older, I have definitely strayed away. Yet, I’ve strayed away based off what people think of me instead of going to church solely to worship. To fellowship with other believers.

Easter Sunday has equated to bunnies and eggs and not many children know the story of Christ and how we are celebrating his resurrection. There was one part of the sermon that really spoke volumes:

Will you turn around in the face of challenges? YES! Unless the spirit of God awakens in you. When the word becomes engrained in us, then we will live by heavenly expectations and not Earthly rules.

I take this as becoming one with Christ. Forgetting all the stereotypes of church and the people within. They’re all human with plenty of flaws. Not one single person in the church regardless of how many services they attend, how many , how fancy their cars and clothes are, are they better than you. They can give the side eye all they want, but you’re there to build a stronger connection between yourself and God.


I also wanted to share my outfit with you all. Being that I work with children, I have tons of clothes that I typically would not wear on the day to day. The outfit I chose were printed pleated pants from JustFab along with the JustFab heels. With the pants being the focal point I tied the look together with a white button up. Simple and effortless.

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