Motivational Monday | Energy Is Contagious

Today I’m in a great mood. Unfortunately, these days don’t come often because of my surroundings. Yet, i wanted to share my good vibes virtual with you all.

There are days that I let a lot people get under my skin. I let them control my happiness. Allowing someone to inadvertantly control my happiness is based off people tearing you down to bring themselves up. There’s so many people I encounter from coworkers to family that doubt my potential just because. They never have a reason why, their energy is just failure. I’m a failure because I’m not doing things their way or staying in the normal lane.

Why must I box myself in? Why must I appease others to make them feel better? You only get one life. Don’t waste your time trying to make others happy and allowing them to steal your happiness. Don’t let them crush your dreams because they can’t see and don’t want to believe in your future.

There are people out there that want to see you fail. That’s reality.  Never let the negative energy turn you away from what it is that you want to achieve. Never give anyone power over your life. Don’t settle because they expect you to. Don’t settle because they force that feeling on you. Live your life as crazy as others may think it is.

Cheers to a productive week. Crush the negative gives with a smile. As Taylor Swift says, “shake it off.”

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