Planning for Beginners: Washi on Washi

Cheers to a another edition of my Planning for Beginner series. I’ve been loving going back to basics with this series especially with my friend getting deeper and deeper into planning. Check out previous editions below and be sure to click all the highlighted links!

Washi, washi, WASHI! It’s the easiest way to decorate a planner if you’re a beginner. If you look on instagram you’ll see the washi craze from time to time when new patterns are released. Plus with Dollar Tree have their paper tapes which have become quite the hot commodity. Washi tape is easier to peel up than Dollar Tree tape, but you can get the tapes in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.You can make page flags with them. You can create full boxes with them. An entire spread could just be washi. With so many options, it can be difficult as a beginner as to the basics of washi.

I’ve mentioned in my Planner Gift Guide for Beginners that washi was essential to a starter pack. When I first started planning, it was difficult for me to choose what washi to get because of the endless options. As I’ve shopped around and of course taken note of the sales, I have not only price points to share, but washi to purchase to get started. Popular places of purchase include:


Do not spend more than $1 per roll. | Washi, just like anything else when shopping for your planner, can quickly add up in price. Be sure to break down the price per the number of rolls because you should not only check the product on the roll, but also check the price per roll. I set my price point at $1 a roll due to the price of Dollar Tree’s tapes.UntitledSolid color thin washi | Michaels is definitely the jackpot when it came to washi and the thin washi wasn’t my first resort. I had bought the 3 packs available, with a coupon, and then I decided to purchase a pack of 8 of the thin washi in the neon colors. These retail for $7.99 which averages to $1 a roll, my price point, but don’t forget the coupons. Using a 40% off coupon I scored the washi for $4.79, which is approximately 60 cents a roll.  The solid colors are amazing and they’ll work with just about any layout. The other color options include primaries and pastels.Untitled.pngWashi Tubes | Washi tape tubes include and average at either $12.99 (8 rolls) or $19.99 (11-13 rolls) a pack at Michaels. Hence why a coupon is essential on a product like this. For the larger pack, the price per rolling averages at $1.53+ at regular price. With at least the 40% off coupon, that brings the price per roll down to around $1.

Bypassing the math, there’s so many options with washi tubes, but you really get a lot of bang for your buck. A lot contain similar patterns just in different colors. Starting out I’d suggest something that has a combination of medium, and thick rolls. This will allow you to experiment more with the sizing you would like and then you can venture off into various patterns after.

Michaels latest release from the ‘Recollection Craft-It’ line has been a hot commodity in the planner world. Those are the $12.99 tubes. They come in an array of colors including: black, coral, gold, green, lavender, and light blue to name a few. Each comes with 8 rolls as noted:

  • 2 large rolls (chevron / polka dot)
  • 3 medium rolls (stipe/polka dot/lattice)
  • 2 smal rolls (stripe/polka dot)
  • 1 glitter roll

If you’re fond of a particular color I’d recommend a pack like this, but the larger washi tubes have more color variety.

Washi can add up really quick and before you know it you can be swimming in rolls with no where to put them. Have fun experimenting, but watch the price, and don’t just buy because it’s on sale. Start with the basics and build from there. Check out my washi tape collection below:

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