Spring DIY

I love creating DIYs to share here on the blog. Chaotic Critic is all about expressing yourself, finding the peace within, and crushing the chaos along the way. A lot of the DIYs I create are for either my job or for local outreach through my church. This time around the project works for both Easter or for Spring. Check out my Project Pre-K series, HERE.


This DIY is creating mini Easter baskets or flower pots using old applesauce containers. Materials needed:

  • applesauce containers
  • Easter eggs
  • Easter basket grass
  • faux flowers
  • Spanish moss
  • stickers (optional)


For the first DIY, the Easter basket, fill the applesauce container with the Easter basket grass. This goes a long way so don’t go to crazy with it. To make sure it stays in place, apply a little glue to the bottom. Since these gifts are going to a nursing home they can’t have anything edible inside. Instead I found white dove fasteners and stuck them in at the top. To add a handle I punched a hole on either side of the container and layered ribbon with card stock and used a fastener to secure it. Being that this is more for decor, the egg was glued down as well.

If you’re creating something like this for students I would recommend gluing down the grass, but not the egg. You can add candy or whatever else you want inside which would be a cute treat for the kids. If you have a kid that’s into Shopkins, this would be a super cute idea to include one inside. It’s inexpensive, fast, and easy.

For DIY #2, start with filling the container with Spanish moss applying glue to keep it in place. Then take the faux flowers and position the among the moss to your liking and voila.

This has to be the easiest DIY I’ve created. The process is a bit time consuming and can get messy with the grass, but it was super easy to make. This time last year I created flower pots from yogurt containers, but that’s a DIY for another time. Price wise it’s cheap as well and you can score a lot of the products. Best of all the applesauce containers are free and if you’re not into applesauce you can always have a healthy treat with your class, wash, and reuse them.

The stickers are optional to add. If you do not want to add stickers I would definitely recommend painting them. Cheers to future DIYs. Happy crafting!

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