Plan With Me: March 14th – 20th

Welcome to a new Plan With Me. I have noted in previous posts that I will be doing at least two plan with me’s per month. So this week, St. Patrick’s week plus next week, Easter Week, will feature plan with me’s. If you’re new to the blog, check out what’s new on Chaotic Critic below plus be sure to click all highlighted links throughout the post.

This spread featured a kit from Sticky Essentials which I featured in a recent Etsy sticker haul (click HERE). For this spread I wanted to stick with stickers specifically from this kit minus the decorative stickers.

On the sampler sheet there were 12 checklists and I’ve been loving making my daily to do’s my daily top 3. This is great way to maximize your stickers as well. The checklists featured 6 which I cut in half so I have enough to complete another spread when I want. As for the icons, I placed them throughout the spread to mark bills and other important notes throughout the week. I then layered them with a page flag. I also used the page flags to mark my blog posts for the week.


The full boxes went into the middle section and to fill the gap I used the half boxes included the kit. The kit did include half boxes with horseshoes, but I opted to use the ones with the clover and plaid instead. The half boxes will be filled in with what I’m watching for the week.

As for my sidebar I use it to track social media and I’ve been loving using weekly habit stickers. Before I would my track my Instagram posts daily, but I used a habit tracker sticker from Fabulously Planned and ever since then I love the concept. It’s easier to manage. I also track my assignments for the week.

I’ve been loving leaving the empty space and building my spread throughout the week. I thought that I would prefer “no white space” spreads, but I really love seeing the paper. Filling the middle section is as far as I plan to go with complete “no white space.” That section as a “today” section to place my bills, appointments, and other events.

My favorite about this kit was that the full boxes and half boxes were St. Patrick’s day themed. Everything else was pretty neutral to use in future spreads. I’ve seen other spreads that feature shamrock checklists, but I love this design so much better.

The decorative stickers were purchased from AC Moore and I split the stickers with my friend. That’s the great thing about planning when you have friends that are into it like you are. Well, close enough. Links to stickers used will be below plus a few alternatives.

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