Planning For Beginners: Etsy Stickers 101

Welcome to another edition in my Planning For Beginners where I’m talking all things Etsy stickers. In my previous installment I talked about stickers to start you up, but Etsy stickers are in that realm as well. It can be an overwhelming marketplace where you don’t even know where to begin because it’s as if everyone has an Etsy shop. Below I’ll be sharing tips on getting started. Check out my previous installments below and be sure to click all links highlighted throughout the post.


Instagram is the easiest tool to research different Etsy shops using hashtags such as: #etsystickers and #stickersale. You’ll be able to see what a shop has to offer and see what coupon codes they have available. Of course their Etsy shops will have pictures, but you can can quickly scroll around on Instagram browsing more than one shop.


Like anything else in life, Etsy stickers can add up. When there’s a sheet that’s $2.50+ it may seem like a great deal until you look in your cart and you’ve racked up over $50 in stickers. That’s just from one shop. Coupon codes are essential when shopping on Etsy. As tip #1 stated use Instagram. I do not buy Etsy stickers unless I have a coupon code. They come in two ways: with a minimum and without a minimum. It’s great when you can use a percentage off without a minimum, but most shops offer a minimum of at least $10 to use the code.

I love when shops have 40% or $50% off, minimum or not. This is a great way to get the stickers you’ve been wanting to get your hands on. For instance, I recently purchased stickers from the Etsy shop, JuJuAllOver, Valentine’s Day weekend. Around any holiday you’re sure to find some type of sale. Her coupon was 50% off $50. Yes $50 for stickers, but $50 worth of stickers for under $30 including shipping is a lot better. I had been wanting to order from this shop for a while, but the coupon code has to be right for me. DON’T BUY UNLESS YOU HAVE ONE THAT’S AT LEAST 30% OFF!

3. Kits (Monthly / Mystery / Themed)

Monthly Kits on Etsy are usually based around the colors for the Erin Condren Life Planner, but it’ll work for any planner you have especially the Plum Paper Planner and the Happy Planner. The widths are the same. Mystery kits vary per shop and like they’re called they’re a mystery. Some shops leak the kit before you even get it, which takes away from it being mysterious. Others wait to share it until they’ve shipped all the orders.

I recently ordered a mystery kit from Sticky Essentials and that kit featured 10 sheets plus two extras. Most Etsy shops sell sheets that are half a page. The kit was absolutely beautiful featuring full boxes, weekend banners, headers, half boxes, and icons. This is what you want in a kit. You want to get as many layouts as you can from it. You don’t have to use all the stickers in one layout. Spread them out. Below are two spreads I created using a Fabulously Planned mystery kit.


February 22nd-28th

The key difference between monthly kits and mystery kits are that monthly kits are based on the color scheme while mystery kits give Etsy shop owners more creativity. Other kits are themed based of whatever the Etsy chooses. When comparing a themed kit to a mystery kit, the mystery kit usually has more sheets plus extras as noted. Also be sure to check out shops that sell the weekly kit sheets separately if you’re not into the entire design.


Pricing for these vary on the shop. Prices for monthly kits range from and feature around 6 sheets. Themed kits. Mystery kits can start at $15 with 6+ sheets depending on the shop. I would recommend trying to get a mystery kit for under $25, but it needs to have over 8 sheets. The extras area always a plus. NOTE: Be sure to read the item details before any purchase to know exactly what you’re getting. MOST SHOPS DO NOT ALLOW COUPON CODES WITH MYSTERY KITS!

4. Sampler Sheets


If you’re interested in trying out stickers from a shop, check out the sampler sheets. Sampler sheets come with icons, page flags, checklists, maybe an appointment box or two, a weekend banner, decorative stickers, or even a full box with a quote. Each shop does their sampler different, but they’re great tester sheets. If you love the quality of the sampler then you know what to expect ordering from the shop again. Some shops send these sampler type sheets for free when you order, but you can order them yourself in a variety of sizes typically from a  quarter to a half sheet and the price varies. The cheapest I’ve seen is a quarter sheet for $2.

5. Matte vs. Glossy

Depending on what your preference is, you may want a matte sheet or a glossy sheet. Glossy sheets are typically more expensive. Putting price aside, glossy sheets can be difficult to write on if you don’t have the right utensil. I would recommend a Paper Mate Flair pen or a Sharpie Fine Point. These work great on glossy stickers, but matte is typically what most shops sell. You can write on Matte with just about anything. Again I prefer the Flair pens or the Sharpie pens. This all boils down to personal preference of whether you want a shiny spread or a regular one.

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