Plan With Me | March’This Month Currently’ | Happy Planner


The Happy Planner features a page called ‘This Month Currently’ at the end of each month. You can use this to track goals for the month or you can use it to track what you actually did for the month. I did not use this page efficiently last year (July-December) and it was one thing that I wanted to incorporate in my planning. Be sure to check out my March Monthly spread HERE.


Similar to how I decorated my February page, I broke out my washi. I don’t use washi in every single spread, so this page is a great way for me to make use of my washi and have fun with it. I used the same washi in my March monthly spread so it was a great segue between the two. I went for an Easter theme using stickers from Hobby Lobby and the Darice sticker book that I scored for 10 cents last year. I really wanted to cover up what the ‘This Month Currently’ had listed simply because I wouldn’t be using it. There is shadowing, but that doesn’t bother me since I plan on adding over it.

I covered that portion with washi and I can add anything there to document what I did for the month. Last month I glued in my movie ticket from Deadpool and I really want to see Gods of Egypt this month so that may be going their as well. I also will be going to do Wine & Painting with my friends so that will be noted as well.

This page is all about memory planing. I don’t have to cram it into my weekly spread when I have the space to do it here. I covered the perpetual calendar on top with washi and I added cards on the side to fill in the other sections such as: birthdays, I am grateful for, and important dates. I will not be covering that side every single month, but for this month it just worked.

If you’re interested in the ‘This Month Currently,’ you can download it from MAMBI HERE. Below are links to stickers/washi used:

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