Motivational Monday | Focus on the Positive

I’ve been loving how consistent I am with my Motivational Monday series. There’s nothing like starting a week off with positivity, but should i just end Monday? Why not carry it throughout the week?

I’m a firm believer in writing things down, hence why I focus a lot on planning. Yet, writing down positivity has become a part of my weekly rotation and I hope to get to a point where I can write things down daily.

I started my Motivational Monday series to share positivity. There are days when you’re just not feeling it, but I love learning from other peoples experiences. It shows that you’re not alone. It shows that someone else out there is going through the same thing you’re as you. If they can make it through, so can you!

A lot of my series also focused around coping with my daily battle with depression and anxiety. I’ve always been anxious about the littlest things, but the anxiety on top of depression began in 2009 when my grandfather passed. Then two years later I lost my mom. On top of all that I was dealing with the roller coaster of high school, the college application process, trying to stay strong for my younger siblings, yet I realized that I was alone in doing all of this.

Feeling alone is horrible. There’s a feeling of emptiness inside and it can be a challenge to get out of that mind state. I’ve learned to find things to calm me down. Whether it’s a reading about positivity, doing some sort of craft, or just spending time listening to music. There’s something for you that will alleviate the pressure you put on yourself.

Focusing on the positivity and writing it down has helped in more ways than one. I have a journal filled with quotes from just about everywhere. I’ve also incorporated reading more on positivity. Write down how you feel and instead of dwelling on the negative, find the positive within. Something as little as writing it down can change your mood and reignite the fire within. 

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