Planning For Beginners: Sticker Stash

Stickers, stickers, and more stickers! In this edition of my Planning For Beginners series, we’re going to talk building you sticker stash. I’ve shared my sticker organization in previous posts, but I’ll be doing a post in this series on organization as well. In the meantime, check out my previous installments below and be sure to click all links highlighted throughout the post.

When I first started planning, I was buying stickers like crazy. There was no rhyme or reason to my shopping, I was just buying to buy. I also learned the difference between decorative stickers, such as overloading on the Darice sticker books, and functional stickers. This post is all about stickers you can get in store and getting the most bang for your buck.

Functional StickersUntitled.png

Functional stickers are meant to be functional. Whether it’s a To Do header or a reminder or even little icons, those are functional stickers. They are meant to keep you on track and note what’s going on.

Etsy is not the only place to buy functional stickers. MAMBI has a great line of stickers and as the brand expands, you can find the stickers at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. When shopping at stores as such, be sure to use a coupon code because stickers might seem cheap at $3.99+ a pack, but if you can get it cheaper, why not?

The MAMBI Happy Planner stickers come in a variety of styles from To-Do to fitness, school, reminders, and quotes. Each pack ranges from 4 to 6 sheets and price at $4.99. Again with a coupon code you can get these even cheaper. In my area, I’ve been able to find these sticker packs more so at Hobby Lobby, but every area is different. Stickers like these may have been designed for the Happy Planner, but they’ll work just fine in any planner. They’re so versatile and they come in an array of colors which will work great with any layout you’re doing.

Looking at other functional stickers, I love Michaels Recollection line. When I first started planning, these were the stickers I purchased and they range from $3.99-$4.99. Again, use a coupon where it’s 40% off one item or when it’s 25% off your purchase. They worked great in my planner and what I loved about these was the versatility of them. There were stickers that had ‘reminder’ or ‘appointments’, but the blank ones were my favorite simply because I could write whatever I wanted on them.

Below are links to stickers mentioned, but be sure to check your local stores first:

Decorative StickersUntitled

Now it’s time to have fun. You have stickers that will help you organize and jot down what you need to get done, but now it’s time to make your pages pretty. I love the Darice sticker books for this because you get 6 sheets for $1. I have seen recently that Michaels has hiked the price to $1.50, but that’s still 25 cents a sheet. I have mentioned this before, but if you have a friend that’s into planning, you guys can split the costs and the sticker books. This is a great way to create themes and yes there are holiday inspired books as well.

Here’s a look at a couple spreads I created using some of the Darice sticker books.

August 17th-23rd
August 31st – September 6th 

Aside from the Darice sticker books, you can find great themed stickers that are not so ‘kiddish’ if that’s not your style. The Paper Studio ‘Stick-A-Bilities’ at Hobby Lobby offers a wide selection and the store has them 50% off multiple times a year. You can find a sticker for any holiday and just about any sport. There’s a huge variety and lots of stock of each and most selections come with 2 sheets.

Below are links to stickers mentioned, but be sure to check your local stores first:


15 thoughts on “Planning For Beginners: Sticker Stash

  1. Love the Happy Planner stickers and saw that Michaels also has planner stickers hidden away in their scrapbook sticker section the other day. They were with the Recollections label stickers- though, my Michaels was in the middle of a reorganization so they might move. Those Darice sticker books are so cute!

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