Plan With Me: February 29th – March 6th

Welcome to another Plan With Me. I have a lot of fun spreads that are coming this month along with a new schedule. I will have at least 2 spreads a month just to give myself a break and stick to the essence of why I began planning. You will get to see all my spreads in my monthly recap for sure. As for what’s to come for March that’s planner related:

  • March Plan With Me
  • ‘This Month Currently’ Plan With Me
  • Plan With Me | St. Patrick’s Day Theme using Sticky Essentials
  • Plan With Me | Easter Theme using JuJuAllOver

Also don’t forget to check out my Planning for Beginners series:

Let’s get into this week


I kept it really simple this week. I had received donut stickers as a sampler from the Etsy shop Sticky Essentials and I decided to create a sweet treat theme. I liked the layout that I had did from the previous week with my top 3 of the day in the To Do section and then everything else just fell into place.

The huge donut sticky note on the side was from the Target One Spot and the TV stickers were from Etsy shop, JuJuAllOver. I love how open the spread is and I have a lot of space to fill in throughout the week. The bottom section is really for the odds and ends of the week although I do have my blog posts tracked on the bottom.

The newest edition to my weekly layouts is the ‘Habit Tracker.’ I had some extra from a kit I purchased from the Etsy shop Fabulously Planned and the grey just worked in this week. I use it to track whether I’ve posted on Instagram/Twitter. It’s so much easier than adding the icon to each day. I check off if I did or leave it blank if I didn’t.

Going forward this week I need to do better at writing out my list for the next day at night while it’s fresh on my mind and actually checking things off. I can go Monday through Thursday checking things off and while I’m getting done what’s on my To Do list Friday – Sunday, I never mark it.

Below are links to the stickers featured or similar styles. Stay tuned for more plandemonium here on the blog!

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