Motivational Monday | Lack of Inspiration

Over-preparation is the foe of inspiration

-Napoleon Bonaparte

February has been quite the roller coaster when it comes to my creativity. The main reason I created this Motivational Monday series was to share my experience with my readers, but to also provide inspiration for the week. Reality is, I’m not always inspired.

It’s okay to go through ruts of feeling stuck. It’s normal. Being stuck is not the end of the world since you’re forced to find a way out. You’re forced to step out of your comfort zone. You have to find alternatives that you may have never thought of.

Now being stuck can last a day, weeks, even months. This is the point where your thoughts get jumbled and the area around you is more and likely in a disarray.

My office and bedroom have been a complete mess simply due to my current rut. I’ve tried to clean it up, but that didn’t last long. My energy within always shows through in my personal space. If my space is a mess so am I. If it’s super organized, my creativity is at an all time high. If it’s just decent, then I’m floating through day by day.

That’s just how my brain works. That’s how my energy is. I hate being in ruts, but I can’t avoid them. Sometimes they need to happen for me to collect myself. Sometimes my room and office need to be in a mess for me to just stop and focus just on cleaning them up. Focusing on the cleaning takes me away from everything else and once I’m done cleaning my space, I can then refocus.

I’m all for a clean space equaling a clean mind. I work so much better when my space is clean. I feel so much better when my space is clean. It’s nice to wake up to a clean space and not stumble over what you didn’t pick up the night before.

I’ve found new inspiration simply by cleaning and focusing on what needs to be done over the next week. My anxiety plays a huge role in my lack of inspiration as well and that’s something I need to work on. It’s really a daily struggle. Anyone that knows me knows that I overthink. I get so caught up in every single thing that I have going on that I look too deep into the big picture instead of tackling my list one by one.

The lack of inspiration won’t last forever. You have to push through and you will. Again, it’s normal for it to happen. It doesn’t mean you’re losing it if it does. It just means that you need to take a step back and refocus. Keep your surrounding clear and get back to work.

5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday | Lack of Inspiration

  1. I completely understand about the space around us having an effect on our mind frame– I know that if my desk or work area (or just apartment in general) is a cluttered mess, then it’s like my brain turns into a cluttered mess too and it’s a thousand times more difficult to be productive. You would think that knowing that, I would automatically keep my craft room organized to encourage creativity– but nope! It’s usually a jumbled wreck, and I’m constantly waging a battle against the clutter. The best method that I’ve found is just to take a deep breath and devote an hour or two to hardcore organizing mode– it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something positive, and it clears space both physically and mentally. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more with taking time aside to focus on cleaning around you. It makes a huge difference and if you can get over that hump, you can really get to work.

      Thanks for reading

  2. That’s a great post!! I completely agree, a clean space equals a clean mind. I’m always trying to keep my space clutter-free, more or less successful… But you’re right, cleaning and organizing your workspace makes you feel like you accomplished something and it usually gets easier to start working!

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