Planning For Beginners: What’s Your Style?

Welcome to another edition of my Planning For Beginners series. My first installment was an introduction to planning.The point of planning its to make life easier. Write down what you need to get done and check it off as you complete it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the layouts you see on social media. Don’t go out and just buy a planner just to buy one. The point of this edition will be to find the right type of planner for you to fit your style and your needs. CLICK HERE for my first installment.

I mentioned in my previous post that there are different types of writers. Your writing style plays a key role in the planner you choose.

1. The Long winded (horizontal)


If you like to write a lot of details and you’re more into complete sentences instead of lists then I would recommend the horizontal planner. The horizontal planner is the typical style you see when you’re buying a planner. For years it was the only style I saw aside from the occasional hourly which we’ll get to. The horizontal has evolved over the years and you can find stickers to jazz up your layout. Popular styles are linked below, but you can find them just about anywhere in any size.

2. The Lister (vertical)


This is definitely my style of planner because I love to list. There are two types of verticals. There’s the ones separated morning/day/night or morning/afternoon evening. Even though Erin Condren has eliminated the headers this vertical style is separated into three sections. The other, which I would like to try, is a straight column with lines which would leave more flexibility when it comes to adding stickers. You don’t have to have a specific section.

The vertical style can be found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Staples with the Erin Condren and Me & My Big Ideas styles. If you’re not sure if you want to purchase an Erin Condren, but you love the layout, I’d recommend the Happy Planner which $25 while the Erin Condren is $50. Plus if you find coupon codes you can get the Happy Planner for less than $15. Also the Happy Planner discs make it easy to take the pages in and out of the planner.

If you’re interested in purchasing, click the links below:

3. The Time Manager (hourly)

Untitled.pngIf you’re a student a mom, a nurse/doctor, or just have a hectic schedule in general then the hourly would be a good option for you. Then again, if you’re just trying to get better with time management, then this would work for you as well. My main issue with an hourly spread is the reality of not everything getting done in that block of time. I really see the hourly working for the on-the-go mom even a teacher and especially a student to mark classes.

This option would’ve worked great when I was in college to mark my work schedule and my class schedule. These are popping up in cuter styles as the planner community expands. Below are popular options:

4. The Customizer  (inserts; personalized)

Aside from the customization of the Happy Planner, the three ring system is easy, compact, and you can find inserts just about anywhere. The most popular form of this style is the Filofax which comes in various versions:


The great thing about the inserts aside from the various sizes, is the customization within. You can get printables online or you can purchase from Etsy sellers. SewMuchCrafting and SweetKawaiiDesign have great options, but there’s a lot of free ones out there for sure.


5. The At-A-Glance  (monthly)

If you’re not into weekly or hourly planning and just need to jot down what’s going on for the month, then a monthly planner is a great option. There’s all different sizes of monthly planners including pocket sizes. Mark your appointments, bills, or if you’re a blogger, track your posts. This is the simplest form of planning and you can decorate it with stickers, washi, etc. Below are popular options, but you can find these at the Dollar Tree, DIY your own cover and decorate away. You could also just print out the calendar online and customize it from your computer with your personal info.

There are many planner options available. As the planner community grows and becomes more popular, there will definitely be lots of tweaks and more personalization added to layout designs. If you’re still unsure, try printing out different layouts and experimenting from there. Also keep not of your writing style whether it’s lost of detail, listing, or just a drop and go of thoughts. With experimentation, you’ll find the right style for you.



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