Plan With Me: February 22nd-28th

I’ve been on a ‘plan with me’ hiatus just to get back into the swing of things. Turning on a camera every time I plan was a bit stressful and it took the fun out of it. There shouldn’t be a pressure in planning so I’ll definitely be cutting down on my spreads. I will be doing two layouts a month plus my monthly recap.

Also if you haven’t checked out my new series, “Planning For Beginners,” click here to check it out.


I wanted to share my spread for the week plus last week, February 15th-21st. That week was really simple and I used stickers I hadn’t used in a while. I had purchased a Me & My Big Ideas sticker book and I played around with stickers from that. I used left over Etsy stickers and to track my blog posts plus make headers I used page flags from Target. They’re not my fav, but they did the job.

For the current week I used the rest of the February Mystery Kit from Fabulously Planned. This was also the first week I’ve ever used fabric tape. I really prefer kits that have at least 7 of each header. This kit definitely had a mish mash of headers which will work better on my sidebar in future spreads, but not in this one.

This spread was fun to create because it was simple and I wanted to get the best use of what was left of the kit. This was also the first time I used fabric tape which I purchased from Target. It was tricky to use since it stretched, although I had measured it. I still like the effect if it.

Click the links below to purchase stickers used in both spreads.

5 thoughts on “Plan With Me: February 22nd-28th

  1. I love the water colour ‘to do’ headers in the first spread. definitely agree with you about how it’s so much nicer when kits have at least 7 of the same headers. It does my head in having to mash them all together as it just doesn’t seem as nice and organised!

  2. I completely agree about planning not becoming a source of stress– if I can’t get around to my planner one week, I try not to let it bother me. Being a blogger does seem to put an added layer of expectations on my planning, but I try my best just to let things happen and not to stress. 🙂

    1. I could not agree more of just letting it happen. If you force a planner spread you probably won’t use it. I don’t have a theme every week and that’s fine. I can’t wait to experiment more & create more simplistic spreads.

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