Motivational Monday | Expectations

 Don’t get discouraged by your list not meeting your expectations.

-Chaotic Critic

The list. We all have one. The list of monthly or yearly goals. The list of where you see yourself in 5, 10, even 15 years. The list of what you want in a mate. The list of the job you ultimately want. The list of your dream home. The list of qualifications for your dream home.

These lists can go on and on, but what do you do when your dreams don’t meet your expectations? What do you do when you don’t accomplish everything on that list? That guy or girl that you thought were “right” actually turned out to be wrong. What do you do after your interview for that dream job goes left?

It doesn’t matter how much you plan. Not everything in life is going to go as you expected it to. No matter how many times we dream of it, the reality is usually the opposite of what we expected.

In high school I interned at a  local newspaper. I was excited to have an internship, but of course nervous and skeptical. I was a Senior and I needed to start figuring out exactly what I wanted to do in my life. Or so I was told.

The experience was definitely not what I expected. Looking back on it I had an amazing opportunity, but in that moment I wanted bigger and better. I expected to walk into what I saw on TV, start writing articles on day 1, and eventually make the front page.

Instead I walked into a cramped office, and I had to do a lot of clerical work and research before I started writing. By the end of the internship I was grateful for the opportunity, but writing at a newspaper was not what I wanted to do.

Did that writing off my list? Did that stop me from pursuing other internships? It didn’t knock me down. I refused to let it. When you’re thrown into a situation that you didn’t expect or makes you uncomfortable, make the best of it.

The atmosphere and daily duties wasn’t what I expected, but I worked hard and I readjusted my goals for my time there. I was determined to get on the front page. I researched to improve my writing skills, read the style of other writers, and kept practicing on my own.

My opportunity came with a huge event that I got to cover and yes, I made the front page.

The key to this time around was that I wasn’t expecting to land the front page. I was excited about being able to cover a high profile event and my goal was to write the best article I could.

When your “list” doesn’t meet your expectations, readjust. Don’t
stop, don’t quit. Make the situation work for you. In the end it can end up being better than you initially expected.

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