Planning for Beginners: No Right Way to Plan!

I’ve been sharing planner tips on my Instagram and Twitter along with my monthly recaps. My planning style changes from week to week and as you plan some weeks are going to be like that. You might want to completely fill your spread one week and then another you’re just not into it.

WARNING: THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO PLAN! No way is superior to the other. Regardless of what planner you choose, the format, the stickers, planning is planning. The purpose is to get things done. It’s to add value to your life, not become a hassle.

This post is similar to my planner gift guide where I shared the essentials of planning with information on the following:

  • types of planners
  • pens
  • materials (stickers/washi/etc.)

I wanted to highlight more so the style of your planning which will lead to what kind of planner you would like to use.

As noted there are the common forms of horizontal, vertical, and hourly planning. I like to use vertical because I am a lister. If you are more of a paragraph writer then you may prefer horizontal. Depending on your work schedule, if you’re a student, or a mom, then hourly may be better for you.

Determining how you like to write whether it’s jotting down, more detail, or listing, will help to determine the direction you should go in which planner to choose.

Planning is not meant to be difficult or expensive regardless of how overwhelming it may look in pictures. It can be simple with just using a pen. You can get more decorative and use it as a memory tracker if you choose to. Let’s stick to the basics. Pen and paper.

My favorite thing about planning is holding myself accountable to get done what I wrote down. The stickers are for fun. They’re great to decorate and help mark off what’s important.

You can find a sticker for just about anything, but again, just the basics. Put stickers aside and really just focus on your writing style. All the extras will fall into place once you figure that out.

This ‘Planning for Beginners’ series is leading up to a big surprise, which I’ll share more about as the series goes on. This series will help you get into planning and find a system that will work best for you and your life. Stay tuned next week as I go more in depth with planner styles including: disc bound, coil, and 3-ring.

I will also have a portion of this series that will be focusing on the following styles:

  • vertical format
  • horizontal format
  • planner inserts
  • hourly
  • monthly

Until next time…

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