Motivational Monday | Find Your Lane

I began reading LaLa Anthony’s, The Power Playbook, at the top of the year and I easily completed it within a month. I wanted to do an entire segment on the book, which I still plan to do, but this could not wait.

I graduated with my B.A. in English Communications-Broadcast Journalism in May 2013. Once people caught wind of my degree they immediately asked, “so what’s your next step?” It’s to be assumed that you have it all figured out after college. I mean, what did you spend the last four years doing? Did you waste your time and money studying? What is your next step? What does your immediate future hold?

The reality was that I wasn’t offered a job straight out of college. I knew that I ultimately wanted to go to grad school, to study what I wasn’t sure, but I needed a year off. A year off to do what? Find myself? Figure out my next step? Find my passion again?

Here I am, three years out of undergrad. I’ll have my MBA in Entrepreneurship by the end of July, yet what is my next step? I know what is expected of me. I know what my family wants me to do. Get a job, of course with benefits. The typical 9-5. It’s what will pay the bills and ultimately pay off my loans.

Is that my dream for the rest of my life? To work a 9-5? There’s so much I’d rather be doing than dwelling on my next 9-5 such as:

  • writing books on self-help
  • starting a non-profit in support of Lung Cancer research
  • starting a publishing company
  • taking Chaotic Critic to the next level

Do not let your passions drift away. If there is something you really want to do whether it’s acting, writing, building, etc., JUST DO IT! Do not let your 9-5 scare you away from what it is that you want to do. Do not let those around you box you in and tell you your dreams  do not make sense or that they are not profitable.

Live your life for you. Your 9-5 is a stepping stone to the grand stage. Work hard and save, save, SAVE! You look at celebrities and the positions they are in and they had to work hard to get there. They had to move around and work odd jobs before becoming house hold names. You are never too good for a 9-5, but do not let that 9-5 be your finish line.

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