Plan With Me | Valentine’s Week

I have been waiting to create this spread since I purchased the FabulouslyPlanned January Mystery kit. This is a very special week being that Valentine’s Day is my anniversary, so I wanted to go all out with this spread. I absolutely love how it turned out and this is and official, official ‘no white space’ layout. Check out my spread from last week below:


Creating this spread was a lot of fun and I had plenty of stickers to use in this spread. I did want to leave some left over for a spread I have coming at the end of the month, but there were a lot of stickers in this kit. The great thing about this mystery kit opposed to others is that you can get more than one use out of them. From the lists to half boxes and headers, there’s plenty left over for next time which will be a feathers theme.


I’ve added additional stickers from my stash to the spread, but I wanted to share what it looked like with just the kit and no ink. To achieve the ‘no white space’ I went back to washi. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to add scrapbook paper in certain areas, but I just cut the half boxes when I needed to and used the washi to fill in.

One trick that’s used a lot in planner videos is to put a strip of washi on the top and bottom and then putting a half box between the two. It instantly eliminates any white space. I did this quite a bit in this spread being that it didn’t come with any full boxes.

While I prefer full boxes, working with half boxes wasn’t bad at all. Again, I relied a lot on the washi tape to fill in the gaps and it was easy to cut the half boxes to maximize what I had.

Next week I’ll be using stickers Target One spot stickers to create a spread. I’v been having fun experimenting with washi tapes of all sizes plus page flags. Remember, planning is not meant to be difficult. Do not get overwhelmed by the various planer spreads you see. Use your own creativity and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Stickers/washi used:



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