Valentine’s Gift Bags for Kids

Hello and welcome to another child related post. Working with kids plus having two nephews I love to share crafts that I create. This time around I am sharing a Valentine’s Day gift basket that I’ve created for my nephews. I was able to create 2 baskets for less than $15 with items from Dollar Tree and the Target One Spot.

My nephews are 3 and 6 and it was super easy to pick up items for them. The 6 year old loves anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while the 3 year old loves Paw Patrol. I wanted to find an item of each for them with one of those and then throw in some other fun things for us to do together as well as independent play. The key to shopping for the both of them was to make sure there was 2 of everything I found since they’d argue if they didn’t get the same thing.

image.pngThe first stop was Target where I can always find something. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a large election. I was able to find a TMNT and Paw Patrol sticker play set. My older nephew had been asking for play-doh so I found a Rose Art set for $1 and it has 4 colors. I refuse to spend a lot on play-doh when the colors are mixed and it dries out. For $1, you can’t go wrong. The last items I got from Target was some candy and these light up star balls and some candy.

Target total (including candy): $8!

When creating gift bags stick, choose between 3-5 items depending on how many gift bags you’re creating. Target is great for finding cute, educational, and on trend items for kids. On trend are the frequently watched shows/movies at the moment. Target typically has a lot of minions, but they’ve added Star Wars (trend) and there’s a lot of Paw Patrol (trend) as well.



The Dollar Tree that I went to did not have a huge selection and I really would have like to snag one of the Pillow Pets. I did grab two workbooks for each of the boys and for their room an Avengers calendar. Simple, yet completes the gift.

Dollar Tree total: $3!

Adding candy is of course optional, but Target has a small selection, but choose candy such as Airheads or buy fruit snacks and separate them accordingly. If you have a 5 below around you can get 5 bags of candy for $1 and you can separate them into sandwich bags and gift them that way as well. Dollar Tree is my favorite being that the entire store is $1, but be patient shopping there since a lot of items have been picked through.

I’ll be sharing much more with you all that’s kids related simply based off my current profession and my handsome guys. Check out my project pre-k series below:

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