Sound Off: Superbowl 50 Halftime

The Pepsi Halftime is officially over. Well it’s been over for a while and at this current moment the Degnver defense is running the field. It’s now a blowout game, but it could quickly escalate into one if the Panthers do not score in the 3rd quarter and they lose focus. So many teams have lost it simply by letting their emotions get the best of them. Anything could happen. It’s not over till it’s over.

Getting back to the halftime show, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. The music was great, but unfortunately it was too loud which made it hard to hear any singing. Coldplay came out and began their set with ‘Viva La Vida.’ I love how vibrant the set was, but it would’ve been super dope if it was dark outside and everything glowed in the dark.

tumblr_o27hgvR3491rz6w0do1_540I couldn’t really hear any of Chris Martin’s singing. I just heard extremely loud music. Thankfully they have great music, but I would’ve liked to hear some singing in there.

Here comes Bruno Mars with Mark Ronson on the 1s and 2s. He’s in this leather outfit, gold chain, Nikes. Of course he does my favorite ‘Uptown Funk,’ but not the traditional performance that he’s been doing just about everywhere. It had an 80s vibe to it, lots of choreo which I loved, and yes his vocals were on point.


DJ scratch over to QUEEN BEY! Beyoncè comes out with her big curly hair. She’s giving me lots of Michael with her attire and of course, she slayed. She went into ‘Formation,’ but with the music being so loud I could barely hear her. Regardless, it was dope.

Then switch over to a BEYONCÈ/BRUNO MARS DANCE BATTLE! The BEY HIVE versus the HOOLIGANS! They could’ve done the entire set by themselves. The dance battle really stole the show and then here comes Chris Martin back into the mix to finish out ‘Uptown Funk.’ It could’ve ended right after that.

tumblr_o27htpTByw1qhzi2jo1_500That would be too easy right? Chris Martin heads to the piano and does his thing while a video montage of the past halftime sets play. I was really over it once Beyoncè and Bruno were done.

Overall the show was alright. Out of 10, I’d give it a solid 8. I couldn’t hear any singing due to the overpowering music. It was Coldplay’s set and they got upstaged, but isn’t that usually what happens with special guests? There’s definitely an extra point there for the energy. There was no denying that. Way better than last year, that’s for sure.

WAIT! Just incase you didn’t her the breaking news, the FORMATION WORLD TOUR begins this Spring. Carry on…



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