Project Pre-K: Valentine’s Day

Welcome to another edition of my Project Pre-K series. I really love creating projects for children and in doing so I draw a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. From there I put my own twist on the project taking it a step further.

It’s February so a Valentine project was a must. I loved the holiday projects that the kids made and they stayed up throughout December and January. The Valentine project took little to no time to create and cut out for the kids and it can work beyond Valentine’s day.


Materials needed:

  • paper plates
  • construction paper (white, black, pink, purple, red)
  • glue (OF COURSE)
  • googley eyes

I decided on the panda bear to switch up the typical Valentine heart decoration. Of course Valentine’s Day becomes all about the hearts, but I wanted to get a little more creative.

In looking up panda bear projects, I knew I  could keep it simple with making a traditional one with construction paper. I then came across a project where the head was made with a paper plate which added a different layer to the average creation. I had some on hand left over from previous projects so I didn’t have to purchase anything.

As far as glue, I kept it simple in working with 3-5 year olds and I used a glue stick. You could use white glue, but the glue stick worked better than I thought it would and it was less of a mess.

A lot of the body parts were drawn free hand such as the arms, hearts, ears, and paws. To get the circles I used a popcorn tin lid (large circle), a cookie tin lid (medium circle), and for the paws I traced a K-Cup.

The kids had a lot of fun piecing together the bear and the older pre-k kids (4-5 year olds) had more control of the project being that they could write their names on the hearts and put hearts and dots on the paws.

Working and creating projects with kids is beyond rewarding. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone and let them be free to create. What I show them is an example, but they make it their own when they take control of it and do it their way. It’s always fun to see the end results.

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