Plan With Me: February 1st – 7th

IT’S SUPER BOWL WEEK! I have dedicated my spread this week to Super Bowl 50 using a football sampler kit from the Etsy shop Lillie Henry. Last week, although I had no accompanying video, I love the way the spread turned out. It was bright and vibrant.

For this week I could have recreated the spread I did for the week of September 7th-13th, but I decided to do a different football spread. This spread is my first no white space spread, ok minus the sidebar.


For those that do not know planner lingo, no white space is the entire layout covered in stickers. Now don’t be alarmed, these stickers are typically checklists combined with full/half boxes, and washi strips. You do not need a big bank of a massive Etsy collection to achieve a no white space spread.

Majority of this spread is washi tape/ I used some brown  and green striped that I had to fill the boxes. I didn’t have any full box stickers since the ones from LillieHenry were cut like page flags. I also didn’t want to bulk up the page since I used a printable checklist on top so I interchanged between the two washis to complete the spread.

I love the adhesive border on the bottom of this spread plus the ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ sticker that I used to completely cover the 7th. I was thinking of layering the border, but the ‘Touchdown’ border just happened to work. To fill the white space I layered black washi and cut a flag in the border and on either side I put a football player.

My sidebar has been great for keeping track of my homework and what I’d like to clean for the week. I’m not crowding my weekly spread and there’s not a specific day for the sidebar. The sidebar is great for extras that you have.

I love the silhouette of the football players. The previous spread I created had gold football players, but I really love that these are black which worked well with the border. As usual, links to stickers/washi used will be below.

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