Declutter 101: Pantry

Welcome to the final installment of my declutter series. I’ve been cleaning out my home the entire month of January and it’s been great to let go of items that I no longer use. I look back at what I gave away and a lot of it was purchased on impulse or I just kept it for some sentimental reason. I found that in downsizing that I can actually make use of what I have and if I choose to add, I have space. Check out my previous installments below:

Cleaning out and organizing my pantry was the most daunting task of all. At one point it was organized, but life got in the way and dishes were thrown in the cabinets and as far as canned goods, pastas, etc. there was no system in place to organize it all. Let’s take a loot at the before:


Despite the before I knew that I couldn’t take everything out and organize from there. In doing that I would get too overwhelmed so I started section by section.  The first section was underneath the cabinets which is where I keep canned goods and my pastas. This area is like a black hole because it’s on the bottom and it’s so dark. I had shelf risers from Dollar Tree in the upper cabinet, but it was not serving much purpose there. To maximize the space I had I used two of the risers to store out vegetable which we frequently use. There’s a corner on the side that’s again another black hole that I have items reached for less often.

The rest is just placed and I could really use another shelf riser in that area. I love the tea basket and yes, that could have further organization as well with the teas being separated in their own bags and getting rid of the boxes. This is one area I’d like to add more organization to, but when in sight, the products will be used.


As for the other side of this section, it definitely needs more work. I want to get containers for the pasta so that they can come out of the boxes. I need a more clear way to see what’s here because I don’t like this side much at all.

Moving into the cabinets, two areas that I was not interested in decluttering were the spices and the my mugs. I love mugs and I have some in my office that I use as decor just so I won’t crowd up the cabinet. For the spices, I did take each one out, check the expiration dates and placed them back as neatly as possible. I had some containers that were completely empty. I want to get containers of all the same sizes to further organize this area. I can then take that shelf riser and use it for the canned goods.


On the shelves above I have my containers which needs work in organization and then on top I have a bin for miscellaneous items and baking goods. Again, an area that needs further organization. I was able to toss containers that did not have tops and for the items on the top shelf I was able to weed out what was not being used at all.

The other side of the cabinets hold the mugs and dishes. I liked using the risers for the mugs, but I’m not a huge fan. I find mugs so annoying to organize. I do want a different system so that I can get to the plates and bowls easier. I feel when things get too stacked that clutter instantly forms. There has to be a better way.

For this to be the first declutter I’m doing to the pantry, I’m pretty pleased. The hardest part about this was the location of the cabinets. Living in an older house there’s amazing cabinetry, but these cabinets are so deep and there’s corners that I just don’t know what to do with them. I plan on further organizing this space, but for now, this declutter was very helpful.

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