Plan With Me: January 25th-31st


Welcome to another edition of Plan With Me. This week is different due to there being no accompanying video. iMovie can be frustrating when you record and then after it says “import complete” the clips were nowhere to be found. I’ve searched and searched, but still nothing. Regardless of there being no video, I still wanted to share this spread.

It’s a lot of snow on the East Coast thanks to the blizzard that hit this past Saturday. I wanted to do a Frozen theme, but decided to liven up my week with a different type of theme.

I had some full boxes that I had been saving for either Valentine’s day or Spring, but I decided to use them this week. There were only 6 full boxes so I used one of my precut full boxes to fill out the complete middle section. The layout was based around the colors in the full boxes not so much the turtles even though they’re super cute.

I’ve been enjoying playing around with washi and I was thinking of a possible layout with just washi sometime in the future. My three sections: to do/today/blog, still remain. My classes have started again and instead of spreading the assignments out across the week, having a master to do list on the side works better. I also have a To Clean list and I may add a To Buy list. The middle section now just has my TV shows that I watch along with any appointments/events.

My blog section hasn’t changed as I have one for my posts and of course Instagram. I would like to move both my blog and Instagram to the sidebar, but if not my blog posts definitely my social media. The ‘daily habit’ stickers would be great for that.

Lastly, the issue that I’ve had was the white space on the bottom of my blog section. On Monday and Sunday I have it marked for birthdays, but clearly that’s not always the case. This is where I will be able to play around more with washi and maybe even attempt a ‘no white space’ spread. Here’s one of my favorites from ScribblePrintsCo below:

Next week will be my layout for Super Bowl week and there will definitely be an accompanying video for that. I will also be using the LillieHenry Super Bowl sampler. I’m too excited for that spread. Links to stickers/similar styles are below along with a look of my completed spread from last week. Enjoy!


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