Motivational Monday | One Step at a Time

The East coast was hit with a blizzard over the weekend and I’m having a snow day from work. On Saturday when the blizzard hit, I had a neighbor that went out every few hours to shovel the snow. The snow was still falling, but he was out there like clock work shoveling. Sunday came and I went outside to the mounds of snow and I couldn’t help but think, how am I going to get this done.

No one ever got to the top of a mountain in one giant jump. Challenges can be overcome, and goals can be reached, but it can only happen one step at a time.

-Doe Zantamata

As a NJ native, we’re no stranger to snow, but the blizzard left nearly 2 feet. I started shoveling around 7am and as I stood in the middle of the path I couldn’t help but think, can I do this? All I could see it front of me was the obstacle of snow and I had just started. It looked like an impossible feat. After a while I began shoveling and I kept playing Jess Glynne’s ‘Hold My Hand’ over and over. As I moved throughout the snow I came to yet another obstacle, when will this be over.

In life you come across lots of snow. Some is soft and you can clear pretty fast then others may contain ice, weighing the snow down, and making it harder to plow through. Regardless of what obstacles come in your way, all it takes it one step. It might sound cliche with “one step at a time,” but it’s really all you need.

I could have gone out like my neighbor did, but I didn’t. I had to deal with the mound of snow to shovel through. It didn’t happen fast and it took longer than I wanted it to. That’s life. If everything was easy, what would you really learn from the journey? I took a step back as I was shoveling and just looked up and down my street at the snow that had accumulated. It was beautiful. It made me put life into perspective.

January is almost over and goals have been set for the year. Do not let obstacles deter you from accomplishing what you have set out to do. Do not let obstacles keep you from reaching your goals. Work with what you have, take it a step or shovel at a time, and plow through.

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