Declutter 101: Car Organization Tips

I spend around 2 hours a day in my car commuting to and from work. My car can become a dumping ground from receipts, to loose change everywhere, and a closet in my trunk. Why take it inside when I have the space? Who cares if my back seat has the scarf and flats I meant to take in a week ago? Yes, those candy wrappers are still there.

Aside from wanting a clean car, you need to keep the essentials in your car opposed to the junk that accumulates. I see a lot of car organization videos on YouTube which are extremely helpful and a lot of them are from moms with minivans. I currently have a 2011 Honda Civic so I wanted to adapt what I learned from those videos into a system that would work for me.

The East Coast is currently being hit with MAJOR snow and prior to we had a few inches scattered last weekend. This past Monday I decided to clean out my car despite the snow on the ground and increasing winds. It was cold, but I needed to get the junk out and keep what I absolutely needed. Here’s my top 3 tips.

  1. Limit how much you bring into your car | This can get difficult when you’re in a rush as you grab your bags and throw everything in and then at the end of the day you’re too tired to take it all out. Plus as you travel throughout the day / week you have receipts everywhere, especially in the pockets on the car door. Implement some type of trash bag. I’ve seen people take the cereal containers and use that for more stability, but a simple plastic bag on the passenger side will do. Put all your trash in there and at the end of the day, take it out. Keep extras in your glove compartment.
  2. Make your essentials easy to reach. | Don’t be the distracted driver. Use the middle console to hold the chap stick you may need, extra straws, chargers, bandaids, etc. Further organize it by using either plastic bags or the hoard of cosmetic bags you may have (ladies).
  3. ORGANIZE YOUR TRUNK! | I cannot stress this enough! The worst thing you want to do is be stranded somewhere and as you’re looking for something you can’t get to it because your trunk is a mess. Always have a blanket. Have the fluids for your car that you could refill yourself such as for the windshield wiper. Ever since I got stranded during Hurricane Sandy I have a small gas tank in there as well. I love using a car organizer to house all of this. You can use whatever you like, but use something sturdy. Car organizers aren’t expensive at all and depending on what you’re looking for prices typically range from $10-$15.
  4. (BONUS) Have a vacuum cleaner and an air tire pump. The vacuum cleaner that I have in my car is by Black & Decker and was a gift from my grandmother that I adore. It plugs right into my cigarette lighter and the cord is long enough to to reach the back seat. I plan on getting a digital tire inflator just to have, but the vacuum cleaner is a definite must.

You can find great car organization at the Dollar Tree and of course thrift stores. Be sure to click the links below to purchase my essentials:



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