Sound Off: Sad Night for Steeler Nation

As a Steelers fan, I couldn’t be more upset that our road to the Super Bowl has come to an end. With it being Superbowl 50 and Steelers winning Super Bowl 40, I thought we could’ve went to the top. The road was similar to our journey back then. The 6th seed, the under dog. The one no one thought would make it and we went  on to beat the Seattle Seahawks.

Again that’s history. We could’ve made major history because I truly believed we would not only beat the Broncos but go and beat the Patriots. We could have not only won Super Bowl 50, but won our 7th championship. There’s always next year, right?

It’s been a rough season after not having Le’Veon for the first two games then losing him to injury in week 8. Ben was banged up this season we lost DeAngelo right before the wildcard game and then to top it off heading into the divisional round we had no Antonio due to concussion.

Regardless, I could not be more proud of my team. They were able to overcome injuries and make their way into the playoffs. We really had the game won against the Broncos, but what is now known as the ‘Toussaint Fumble’ lost us the game. Then again when we should have converted we didn’t which was a problem the entire season. Cheers to the Steelers making it as far as they did. We’ll be back stronger than ever and back on the stairway to 7 in the fall.


So for the AFC it comes down to the Patriots versus the Broncos (again) and to be honest, I’m not that interested. For the NFC it comes down to the Cardinals and the Panthers in a match that should be interesting. Neither team has made it this far in quite some time. The last time for the Cardinals was in 2008 and for the Panthers 2003. It seems like it’s been a tit for tat between the Patriots and Broncos with Brady having the upper hand.

My predictions were spot on minus the Steelers losing. So based off the AFC and NFC championship bouts, my pick for Super Bowl 50 is the New England Patriots versus the Carolina Panthers. Now my boyfriend has reminded me of the 2004 Super Bowl which was the Pats versus the Panthers and it’s clear who won that one. Then again the game was overshadowed by the half time mishap with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. I honestly don’t want to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl and when it comes to the Cardinals and the Panthers, Cam Newton deserves that chance.

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