Plan With Me: January 18th – 24th

Welcome to another plan with me edition. Throughout the month of January I’ve been creating spreads that are easy to recreate for beginners. Planning is not meant to be stressful and you do not need to have an at home sticker store to be a planner. I’ve been enjoying using printables, scrapbook paper, and page flags to create spreads. Check out my process below:

Last week I created a Valentine theme with lots of pink. I loved the printable that I used from My Planner Envy. I typically stray away from super long daily to do lists and this printable had 4 per day. Having between 4-6 to dos holds me not only accountable, but it’s a pretty fair measure. The to do lists were definitely my favorite of the week. Check out my complete spread below:


This week yet another week where I didn’t really have a theme, but I had a owl list pad that I had received in a swap, plus a ton of owl stickers and washi tape. So, in January, an owl theme it is. I know a lot of planner beginners can get stuck trying to match all layouts to the time of year, but go with whatever you want. Use the time of year/holidays as a guide, but have fun.

Point Blur_Jan182016_163208.jpg

I ended up using my washi tape from Dollar Tree which was super colorful and the rest of the layout fell into place. I want to get into playing with washi more. The full boxes in the middle were precut and the paper was adhesive paper from Michaels that I got on super clearance. In previous spreads I have used scrapbook paper. The to do page glass I had extra off and I definitely would purchase more from Etsy and all other page flags were purchased from the Target dollar spot.

After putting my layout together, I realized a lot of my placement is off and crooked which does bother me. It might not bother others, but the crooked stickers drive me insane. Oh well, I still love the look overall. I ended up using the owl list pad I mentioned to make a list of what I wanted to clean for the week. My sidebar, which I had not filled out in my video, has other reminders from the week from my monthly read to blogging.

Be sure to click the links to purchase/print stickers.  Enjoy!

Stickers Used:

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