Declutter 101: Closet

My closet is one area that is constantly being downsized as I continuously donate what I no longer use. I have purchased clothing from pressure shopping with friends or from watching countless YouTube hauls. I would buy based off trend instead of staple pieces that I could mix and match and get the most out of my wardrobe. First, check out the other parts of this Declutter 101 series below:

As the seasons change I go through my closet and donate what I haven’t worn. As 2015 came to a close I did about three purges. I got rid of clothes that I refused to let go because of some sentimental value or clothes that I kept telling myself I’d fit into within a couple months. there’s no sense in keeping clothing that doesn’t fit your body the right way. That should be a given, but when you spend your money on something, you will always find a way to justify the purchase in order to keep the item longer.

After going through my clothes I kept the clothing that I absolutely loved and actually wore opposed to pieces that still had tags or I bought on sale. After going through my closet I realized how much space I had and that my organization needed an upgrade.

My previous closet was an entire room and being that it was so large, I had a lot of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. just to fill the space. A lot of the items I didn’t even know I had so when I to downsize when I moved to a different space, it was pretty easy to weed out what I didn’t wear/use. In my current room, I don’t have a dresser drawer to store my clothes so everything is in my closet. The four systems I use for organization are:

My current closet is a smaller walk in closet with three shelves, a few hooks on the wall, and a hanging rack. What I love most about the closet is that I had space to add additional storage with no problem.

PicMonkey CollageThe bins and baskets were purchased primarily from Dollar Tree (check out my inexpensive organization HERE). The larger bins are from a  previous closet system. On the three shelves I keep my pajamas & sweatpants up top. The middle houses my shirts from tank tops to long sleeve and basic tees. Then the third shelf has more shirts and my jeans. When I first created the system everything was labeled, but as I’ve expanded I haven’t labeled everything. Labeling what I have is just easier for me and if someone need to grab something it’s clear to see where it is. Nothing is color coordinated just separated by what’s printed versus basic.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The clothing rack holds my skirts, shirts, cardigans, blazers, dresses, etc. Anything that needs to be hung is there. I use to have a ton of hangers for my skirts which is one area that it took quite a while to downsize on. I’m really into midi skirts because they can work in and out of the office. Using tiered hangers has helped me to not only downsize on the hangers, but to maximize my space overall.

I love using the shoe organizer to hold my underwear/bras/bathing suit/summer dresses. It’s really long and fits perfectly in my corner. This is great for those that do not have drawer space like myself and the slots are deep enough to hold all you need, but small enough to compartmentalize. I love separating everything from prints to basics so this is a system I’ve been using for years. Also if you don’t want them showing if someone were to go in your closet, there’s the organizers with the windows you can pull over.

Lastly are the sterilite drawers which I LOVE. I purchased mine during the back to school season at Target and it was really inexpensive. I use that to house my shorts which and my leggings. It’s super easy to get to them and on top of it in a dish pan (yes a dish pan) from Dollar Tree, I have all my workout clothes.

Don’t be afraid to not only declutter, but using inexpensive storage to house your clothes. Make it work for you. You don’t need a fancy system to make it work. I love that I’ve been able to not only downsize in what I had in my closet, but my system works ten times better since it’s not so stuffed.




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