Declutter 101: Inexpensive Organization

To have an organized life you should not pursue perfection since perfection is flawed. Becoming organized permits you to function more effectively with the ultimate goal of having time to pursue your passion.

-Regina Kempster, Organized Life LLC

It’s the time of year where everyone is going around trying to get their lives in order and they usually start with decluttering their homes. There’s so many YouTubers that specialize in declutter/organization and inexpensively at that. Most of these ladies are moms so there systems are not only inexpensive but effective enough to work for their families. Below are a few of my favorites that I was regularly:

I wanted to shed light on inexpensive organization because there’s no need to break the bank on organizers. Organization will not be the same for one as it is for another. It’s not meant to be stressful and it’s all about having a system that works for you.

You can go to the Container Store and spend over $100 on containers that can just take up space if they’re not used the right way. It’s easy to throw things in containers, but true organization is creating an easy to use system for daily use. If the system works it will be easy to upkeep. You may have to tweak it along the way, but that comes with using it regularly and realizing what works and what doesn’t work.

Let’s take a closer look at the organization I use below:Untitled.png

*Labels | Labels are essential in organizing anything so you can simply know what you’ve organized. Depending on where it is in my house I’ll use chalkboard labels or white labels. In my closet I’ve created my own labels using neon card stock just because they’re brighter. Use what you have, but you can labels cheap at not only the Dollar Tree, but the Target dollar spot has them in stock all times of the year.

*Bins & Baskets | I absolutely love Dollar Tree and I cannot rave enough about their organization. For those who do not have one in their area, everything in the store is $1. Walking into the store there’s typically color coded baskets and bins of all shapes and sizes. As you go further into the store there’s even more options, again color coded. I usually go for white since I like to reuse the baskets in various rooms and white will go with any decor I have at the time. Plus white is a clean look and can bring instant structure and organization to the space.

I specifically use these baskets in my closet and in my kitchen pantry. I will have a further declutter series on both of those coming soon. The baskets are great for storing my clothes and I have them all labeled. Being that I do not have drawers and my closet is a smaller walk in closet with shelves and one hanging rack, this system works great.

In my pantry, which needs a huge reorganization, I use the larger baskets for store snacks and what nots. I also have divided my containers for my lunch by large, small, and then further with the lids.

Smaller bins can be used to not only meal prep for those that are about portions, but they can also be used for smaller knick knacks in drawers. These would be great for a utility drawer that would hold extra batteries, nails, a hammer, flashlight, a lighter. It’s more os a sophisticated junk drawer.

*Circle Baking Pan | Another gem that can be found at the Dollar Tree. This was a great easy DIY that I’ve seen all over YouTube. It’s the easiest and cheapest Lazy Susan that costs little to nothing. You take one pan and fill it with marbles then sit the other pan on top and voila. This is great for spices and even your teas. I would use this in my cabinet corner to store my spices.

*Shelf Risers |  These have been sold at Dollar Tree, but you can find them at Walmart. These are great for the Pantry because organizing cans are the most annoying thing ever. You want to see what you have and the only organization that I have stuck with are the shelf risers. Most I’ve seen are wired, but I’ve seen newer ones that are mesh.

*SHOP YOUR HOME | When all else fairs, There’s so many ways you can cut corners with cheap organization by reusing containers you have. You can take the tubs that you get pretzels/chips in from places like Costco/Sam’s/BJs and reuse them to hold your flour, sugar, etc. If you dont have those stores around you, you could always take

Another idea would be taking a smaller laundry basket that’s lying around your house and use it as a toy basket which I have done. My nephews are at my house often and when they play downstairs, all the toys they have are to be in that basket. It’s easy clean up and if it doesn’t fit, it has to go back upstairs to the larger toy box. This makes the declutter process easy because with this process and switching out the toys, I can easily donate what they no longer like.

The items mentioned do not have to break the bank. You can go to stores like Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond (with a coupon), and even thrift stores. It all comes down to finding a system that works for you and your home. Check out my previous two posts in this series below:


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